Long Talk-Ms. Pannee

In a part of an ongoing series here at PantherNation, various staffs from around the school will be interviewed. Although we see our school staff in our daily lives, there is not much chance we get to know them outside the school. This series aims to do just so.

The long talk of this month covers the Head Nurse of this school, Ms. Pannee who has built her career as a nurse for a total of 38 years and who has worked at ISB for 17 years. Everyone has been to the infirmary at some point in their ISB lives, but rarely get a chance to know the nurses behind it all.

What are your hobbies and interests?

I would call traveling my hobby. I love traveling because everywhere you travel, there are chances to learn new things, meet new people, try new food, experience a new environment, and many other things. I have traveled to many places with my family; I have gone with them to many countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, and Japan. Other than that, I have been to Russia, UK, and France for fun.

Please tell me about your career as a nurse and where you have been before working here.

I have been working here at ISB two times, and altogether, about 20 years. Since I graduated from nursing school, I worked at the hospital for most of the time. After that, I worked in California for a total of 12-13 years, ISB for 13 years, US again, and came back here at ISB seven years ago.

What is your main job other than taking care of students and other staff in case of injury or illness?

The most challenging part of my job is teaching the other Thai staff in this school. We plan some training programs for the staff so that they know how to be ready for first aid and get ready in case of an emergency. Still, this job is enjoyable because teaching is one of my interests.

Any advice for students who want to have a healthy life?

The most important thing for maintaining your health is to always be thoughtful with your body. This means that you should rest when you are tired, exercise when you feel like it, and sleep when you are sleepy; all those thoughtful actions for your body. It’s also important to have a strong mind so that you can deal with something difficult in your classes and dealing with friends. So, be confident in yourself.