IASAS Tennis Recap


The 2020 IASAS Tennis Championships had to be moved from ISM due to the dangers caused by the Taal Volcano in Talisay, Philippines.  ISB (Boys) and SAS (Girls) showed their IASAS Spirit by agreeing to split-host the tournament. The ISB Panthers did well at both venues with the Girls placing 4th, and the Boys taking home the Gold in front of their home crowd.

For the second year in a row, IASAS Boys tennis was help here at ISB.  The boys did really well. The Varsity boys finished first place and got a gold meda. The boys’ captain Kosuke announced at the black and gold assembly that 2 years ago they got bronze medals and last year they got a silver medal and they know and believe this year they will get first place and a gold medal. This did really happen. 

The boys’ captain Yu Naito said that they aim for first place this year. Also, the factor that made them get first place is each and every individual’s hard work and commitment towards the same goal and win as a team. This is one reason that they won.

We asked the girls captain, Trisha Sutivong, what factors most contributed to your team finishing in that position. She responded saying “I think just us being there for each other, cheering on and supporting one another no matter the end result greatly contributed to the performance of our team. Although we lost the consolation match in the end, we all knew we did our best and gave it our all on the courts and that is what matters most”.

We asked the same thing to Xuan Fan Loo, she said “Our girls fought hard in every match and improved a lot throughout the tournament. We were at a serious disadvantage going in due to having to change our lineup at the last minute, but the girls adapted quickly which contributed greatly to our finish. With such a young team and coming so close to a medal, the girls are in a great position to place at next year’s IASAS”.

Congratulations to all the coaches and players for representing ISB.


1st ISB

2nd ISM

3rd TAS

4th SAS

5th JIS

6th ISKL


1st SAS

2nd ISM

3rd TAS

4th ISB

5th ISLK

6th JIS