Dancing Around The World

Aarushi Singh, A&E section editor

Exchange has been an integral part of the ISB and IASAS culture. Usually exchange is preparation for IASAS; however, the dance exchange is entirely different. It is a place for dancers to build a supportive community. Our Panthers take off for this year’s dance exchange at Singapore American School on Friday September 15.

All of the IASAS schools send at least 10 representatives to this event. This year, the dancers are going to be learning styles such as hip-hop, contemporary, jazz, and musical theatre. Our Panthers are also going to watch the “West Side Story”, which is a musical based on modern Romeo and Juliet.

When asked about the atmosphere of a dance exchange, high school dance teacher Jaleeia Price explains, “the dance exchange is definitely more of a shared learning experience, like IASAS Cultural Convention. The dance-artists get together and learn new skills with experts from around the world, but they are not getting judged. They make friendships within the IASAS dance community,not rivalries.”

IASAS and exchanges are an important part of the ISB life,  and it is a great opportunity to make friends   outside of our school and in different countries. Jacelia Breedlove (11), a dance student,  said, “being in an environment with other people who share a major interest of yours and all know what being a dancer is like is a great way to make friends because a lot of people have done this multiple times. When you go more and more you keep meeting the same people and exchange contact information. So yes, it is very good for building relationships outside ISB.” 

Let us wish best of luck to our talented dancers as they take part in this exciting event!

Aarushi Singh