Dance Madness: Behind the Scenes


We are fast approaching the annual Dance Madness Showcase, which is set to take place on the 16th of March. The show will be performed two times, first at 3:00pm, and again at 5:30 pm. During the duration of the showcase, many of our talented dancers at ISB will perform various choreography, that they’ve put months of preparation into. For this showcase, there will be many different styles of dance including: hip hop, Street, Contemporary and Jazz.

The Varsity Dance captain, Ink Duangsri (12) shared that she looks most forward to “a piece in the show that is going to blow audiences minds, because it’s a little risky for the dancers to execute but nonetheless bound to be a big hit.” Jacelia (Jc) Breedlove (9) shares “ The best part of preparing for the showcase is, going up into the catwalks and being lowered down with a harness.” was her favourite part. She ended saying that, “it’s been really fun to joke around with everyone in class, and still get the choreo learnt.”

This showcase will have lots of pieces that are choreographed by students. Every student has a different style and way of expressing themselves. The show will be a great way for students to show their talent not only in dancing, but their choreography skills as well.

“When watching this showcase, [She] hopes that the audience will see dance in a different way, and see the talent that the ISB dancers have to offer.” Ink Duangsri (12). Jacelia Breedlove (9) enthusiastically shared “The performances [she’s] looking forward to seeing are the other class dances and what they are bringing to the showcase, since it’s always nice to see what the other classes are doing for the showcase.”

PantherNation also sat down with Ms. Jaleea Price, one of the many amazing dance teachers here at ISB. When asked to describe the show, she responded saying, “The show is Eclectic, Energizing, Fantabulous and Fun.” “The inspiration for this semester’s combined class dance is a Tribute to Hip Hop; it was inspired by Jimmy Fallon’s ‘History of Rap’ with the K-pop craze that’s still going on. There’s also aerial dance included because [She] loves rock climbing and hanging upside down.” shares the dance instructor. Ms Price ended the interview stating, that “[She] hopes the audience sees some amazing dance ability and original choreography from the students that makes them appreciate students in a different way.”

All in all, the show is a must see as it’s expected to hold many surprises, which are bound to leave the audience in awe. Good luck to our dancers and make sure to come support them at the showcase on March 16!

Suu H