“Malem” by Mary Louise Baker


I have made a promise to someone that I would tell the story of Hannah Woods, and her friend Amy McClover. 


“Ding – dong” is what Hannah Woods heard as she rang the doorbell at her friend Amy McClover’s house. She was holding a half-eaten In-N-Out burger her mom made for her before she left; the backpack she was carrying felt heavy.


 Her parents weren’t home. Her mom was doing a late shift at the local In-N-Out Burger; and her dad was working on the most famous reality TV show in the whole world, Keeping up with the Prices if this ever happened her parents told her to walk to Amy’s house.  She heard footsteps as someone walked up to the door. Amy’s older brother Jack was at the door. 


“Does your mom have to work late again and your dad is still working on the new season of Keeping up with the Prices?” he said. 


“Yes,” Hannah replied as she walked past a photo of two children smiling for the camera. A boy and a girl. They both had honey blonde hair but their eyes were different; the boy who she could tell was Jack had grey eyes but the girl had one grey eye and one blue eye. At first, she thought it was Amy, but the girl in the photo looked the same age as Jack, he was four years older and Amy only had blue eyes.


“Who is this?” Hannah asked


He started walking up the stairs.


When she got up to the guest room, she immediately fell asleep.


The next day, Hannah woke up to Amy banging on her door. She quickly got dressed and also got her backpack then, the two girls ran outside to go to the bus stop. They jumped on the bus just before it speeds away. 


“We made it,” Amy said, panting; her bright blue eyes showing relief, Hannah wished she had her eyes, she hated her green eyes. They started walking to the very back so Blair and the ‘o.m.g.s’ aka the popular kids couldn’t torment them.


“Hey!” said Blair in a cruel way, her green eyes staring at them. Her eyes were weird, Hannah wondered if Blair was wearing contact lenses because you could sort of see a different color underneath the green.


“Sit in the back now so we don’t have to look at you,” said Hazel, one of Blair’s minions.  


It was a long way to school. But when they finally got there they headed to their class which, unfortunately, Blair and Hazel were in her class. As they walked into the loud classroom they couldn’t help but notice Blair and Hazel sweating non-stop.


“We should keep an eye on them.” Amy said to Hannah as they made their way to their desks.”


“Something is definitely going on.” Hannah replied “Oh I almost forgot. Do you have any siblings besides Jack?” Amy went pale, but luckily for Amy attendance had started.    


Later, halfway through attendance, Hannah saw Blair say something to Hazel, then they looked both ways and walk out of the classroom. 


“Amy, what do you think they’re doing,” Hannah asked. 


“I don’t know, but we have to follow them,” Amy replied.   

When they were almost at the door their teacher, Mrs. Hermit (their teacher) spied them.


“Where do you think you two are going!” Mrs. Hermit yelled.


“We are going to help my brother best friend’s cousin’s uncle’s wife’s child find the bathroom,” Amy said without thinking before they ran out the door 

Blair and Hazel were easy to follow soon they were lead to a basement that they didn’t know their school had. Then, they saw Hazel remove a brick and a doorway appeared. Then Blair pushed the brick back in, they walked in and the doorway vanished. 


“We have to follow them!” Amy yelled, but Hannah wasn’t so sure. Then Amy pulled out the brick and ran into the doorway. So Hannah decided to follow Amy. when she was on the other side of the doorway. The first thing she saw was Amy, was standing right in front of her, then she saw a huge mirror and two hooded figures.


“That’s Blair and Hazel,” Amy said her voice shaking. “I saw them transform into something else.” Then a face appeared in the mirror. 


Tenebris, Furcifer, my great servers have you found all the ingredients to free me?” said The Face  


“Yes.” Blair and Hazel said in unison as they started unloading bags that were hidden in the back of the room. Inside of the bags, there were things such as mud, bat wings, what looked like lightning in a bottle and other things they couldn’t identify. Then Blair and Hazel pulled out a cauldron (That was hidden behind the door.) put all the ingredients in the cauldron and started mixing. Soon light bounced out of the cauldron and into the mirror, the room filled with smoke, making Hannah’s eyes water. They heard glass breaking. Then, a man appeared, no it wasn’t a man it was a monster. His face was human but longhorns protruded out his what was remaining of a skull, his long arms looked like shadows, his legs were at least 5 feet long, last but not least he had beady red eyes that look like they were staring into to your soul.


“Master Malum.” Blair and Hazel said in unison.


“We are not alone.” said Malum acting like he smelled something awful “I smell humans.” Then he looked straight at Hannah and Amy, then yelled “ATTACK!” 


Hazel and Blair started limping towards them. Their decaying skin hung of their bodies like a wet towel but they were still recognizable. Barely. Blair’s hood had the word Tenebris embroidered, Hazel’s said Furcifer. Blair’s eyes glowed violet, Hazel’s violet. Hannah kicked Hazel and she fell apart. Amy did the same to Blair but they kept regenerating. Finally, they stopped regenerating. Then they had to defeat Malum.


“Well, well, well, another set of friends who try to defeat me and my boss, In Maligno Positus Est, you need Ari and Jack,” Malum said holding the mirror.


“We will defeat you. We are stronger.” Amy said pulling out the mirror from behind Malum. As she tossed it to Hannah and Amy grabbed the cauldron, dumped it on Malum then Hannah brought the mirror down on Malum and he vanished.  


“That was easier than I thought,” Hannah said. 


Later they were at Amy’s house with Jack and one of his friends Ari Lightpool.


“What do you think Malum meant about us needing help from Jack and one of his friends Ari to defeat In Maligno Positus Est?” Amy asked


“I have no clue.” replied Hannah “What’s this?” She picked up a pale violet envelope with the names Ari Lightpool, Jack McClover, Hannah Woods, Amy McClover, Charlie Bran, Brianna Hyde, Lauren Walker, Ambrosia Walker, Alexa Page, Sadie Bank, Alice Lake, Simon White, and more names were sprawled across the front. 


Inside there was a letter that said: “We aren’t gone forever, you will need us when you unite” Hannah read out loud  “Then there were a whole bunch of names such as James Baker, Gina Meena, Skylar Walker, Noah Smith, Mike Valley, and Laurel McClover.”


“Did you say Laurel McClover?” Ari asked looking very pale.


“Yes.” Hannah said, “What’s wrong?”


Then Jack said “That’s my twin sister. She died fighting off the dead.” Then he turned to Ari said, “They are two of The Others.”