“Greblins” by Oscar Ferrant

Oscar Ferrant

Greblins by Oscar Ferrant

Chapter 1: Arrival

Jerome was looking out the window, his head against the window, “When are getting to uncle’s?”

“Relax, Jerome, you’ll have fun with Justin,” his dad says.

“Who’s Justin?”


As they arrive at Jerome’s uncle’s farm, his farm is big with many doors and sheep walking randomly. he sees his uncle and a little boy with glasses and a notepad.

“Hello and welcome to this wonderful sheep farm!” greets his uncle Flynn, “this Justin, say hi Justin.”

Justin doesn’t react.


Once he is installed on a bed next to Justin’s, he decides to explore the farm. Jerome takes out his boxing gloves in case someone messes with him. He crosses the pasture filled with sheep. He arrives at a barn and on the edge, he sees a dark figure,

“Justin?” he calls out nervously. 

“Yeah?” he replies, “Wanna check out the plan of my newest electric bomb?”

“Sure, let’s see it!”


At night, he hears the sheep baa, but then a curious sound came out, some kind of clanking like somebody was repairing something.

“Hey, Justin, what s that sound?”

The only thing he answered was “Shoot! Sabotage…”


Chapter 2: Shadow

Jerome was doing his morning plank when his uncle appears

“It is forbidden to pass the hedge!”

“Okay,” replies slow and suspiciously Jerome.


Near the barn that is near the hedge, Jerome sees a figure, “Justin, what’s behind the hedge?”

“Eh?” says a raspy voice from the figure and the figure runs away through hedge,

“The least of I know that wasn’t Justin!” Jerome enters the barn and sees a tractor, he checks every aspect and sees that something was unnormal, it was sabotaged. The figure must have sabotaged the tractor and entered by a secret door thinks Jerome.


He warned his uncle and Justin, Jerome is hanging out with the sheep when Justin arrives and says “Follow me.”

Jerome follows him and they walk around the property and stops by the hedge. Justin pushes the hedge aside and…


Chapter 3 : Discovery 

He saw a bunch of rocky shapes working around sheep and every fifty meters a little hairy man stood with fierce weapons. 

“Dwarves and golems,” sighs Justin “the farm’s secret!”

“Why dwarves?”

“To fight off any greblin.”

“A what?” asks Jerome with his muscles tensing.

“A greblin, a mix of goblin and gremlin. They sabotage and steal valuable items. They are commonly found north-western Europe and…”

“Ok, ok, I got the idea,” interrupts Jerome “but, what’s so bad?”

“There is an evil greblin that is the leader to al the greblin, and if he released all the greblin go wild and do whatever they want. Such pillaging the house, explode it and burn the rest down!”

Jerome gulped. Now he understood why there are so heavily armored guards around.

“Their leader was the first of their species to have existed, he is guarded in a secret cell with the best dwarves in the farm.” Justin finished.


Chapter 4: Prison

Once Jerome’s uncle found out he got furious against Justin. To finish off the truth, uncle Flynn decided to take him on a tour to the jail where the leader and the worst greblins on the farm. His uncle pulled a trap that was located under the sink of a bathroom. 

“Watch out, slippery stairs ahead!” Jerome’s uncle warned.

The roof was covered in pipes and few of them were leaking. Each step he took, the darker it got. At the end of the stairs, uncle Flynn turned on a flashlight, and there he saw some dwarves so hairy and so armored that he could barely see any skin. They stopped by a cell where there were no bars on the cell door but just covered in metal.

“Ah, visitors at last,” said a broken voice that scared Jerome and Justin, “help me to get out of here, I plead you, please…”

“Shut up, Vrugs!” yelled uncle Flynn.

“No respect to the mighty greblin overlord, you shall pay!”


Chapter 5: Escape


Uncle Flynn led them where most of the sheep were and the golems. The golems looked like moving rocks and stones by far but close you can see the form better. 

“The golems are mindless mounts of rocks that follow only MY orders,” informed uncle Flynn and emphasizing while glaring at Justin.

The golems walked past them showing no attention to them. The golems slowly stomped and there are to holes that are lighted automatically and magically. Then a rustling in a nearby bush caught everyone’s attention. A greblin popped out with a sack over his shoulder.

“Get out of here or I will shoot all your species down!” threatened uncle Flynn.

The greblin continued and got closer to a lamb chewing grass, a golem alerted grabbed the greblin a flung him far away.  

“Good thing that the golems are powerful,” mumbled uncle Flynn.

Then they took a snack in the house, the house shook and dwarves came running up yelling: Vrugs is out!