“A Diamond” by Jetta Kaewphoowat

Jetta Kaewphoowat


Human. We’re multiple sides of a diamond, yet nobody can see us as a whole. They see one shiny side and assume that’s us – when it’s only a tiny sliver.  


They assume the reasons for our actions from what they know from the piece that they see – when really it could be a misunderstanding or there could be another reason. But no. We don’t ask, instead, we assume. 


Different situations force us to “code switch” to protect ourselves from our peers due to the various cultures this world has created. Because of this, society can protagonize or antagonize through the use of media, books, and the assumptions we make towards a person. 


Over time, there’ll be enough similar people that society will be able to categorize and create stereotypes towards the group of people. That damages society by possibly turning us against each other.