My Cheese Family

“My Cheese Family” by Natcha Kulsetsophon

May 31, 2020

My family is Cheese.      My Mother is Cottage Cheese. She’s warm and sweet, always tries her best to accommodate others. (Cotta...

“A Diamond” by Jetta Kaewphoowat

May 30, 2020

Human. We’re multiple sides of a diamond, yet nobody can see us as a whole. They see one shiny side and assume that’s us - when it’s only a tiny sl...

“Fractions of Time” by Lia Zahar

March 1, 2020

Sometimes there are moments, Little fractions of time, These forgotten flashes, At the back of my mind.   Part of me wanting to, Stay forever frozen, In a couple seconds, If it can be chosen.   The smell of an old book,  Freshly mown dewy grass, Reflections on windows,  Colours dancing on glass.    Heavy rain pattering...

“Oriental Birthdays” by Natcha (Will) Kulsetsophon

March 1, 2020

Rising golden smiles Gold etched dragon tiles    Red silk threaded dress Red thread crafted light   A big round table  Of familiar faces   Foreign greetings, a blessing:   For years that have passed, “ Zhù nǐ shēngrì kuàilè”   For years that will come, “Zhù nǐ yǒngyuǎn kuàilè”...

“Dispute” by Natcha (Will) Kulsetsophon

March 1, 2020

Crashes she does  into Siege    of clashing words and lashing glares   a stew of derision to cryptic rendition   the Loudening culminates  till fatigue arbitrates....

“Phantom” by Natcha (Will) Kulsetsophon

March 1, 2020

Heard from the stalls  from the whispers  from the halls.   The phantom jumps on  onto your clothes onto your skin.   He creeps in your shadows behind your Visage of sweet smiles    the more you smile,  the more He grows.   until He pounces,  and swallows you-   Whole....

“Generations” by Lola Moore

March 1, 2020

eyes closed, dust lingers on the television set, featuring the same channel for fifteen years.   chlorine drips from wooden birdhouse...

“Split-Second” by Lola Moore

March 1, 2020

if the sun were a millimeter closer or farther away  we would all burn or freeze to death.   in this world  of such perfect...

Hymn of Broken Memory

Hymn of Broken Memory

March 1, 2020

previously broken boards crack further.    a broken girl sings out to the world her broken hymn in a voice  that is neithe...

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