“Generations” by Lola Moore

Lola Moore

Generations by Lola Moore

eyes closed,

dust lingers

on the television set,

featuring the same channel

for fifteen years.


chlorine drips

from wooden birdhouses

as we’re eaten alive

by mosquitoes

attracted to 

blueberry cobbler.


He combs back

invisible strands.

treadmill covered

by boxes.

another day,

another dollar.


carpeted steps.

windows made of sunlight

where alarm clocks chime.

those train sets 

and bunk beds

like warm blankets 

and tables 

occupied by ink.


steam flows through 

the crack under the door. 

rocking chairs creak

while we see

sheriffs and deputies

and a redhead 

at a chocolate factory.


turns to 

old memories.


beep beep

hello cowboy

balloons on overtime,

as life 

slows down 

for a little while.


on the wall.

show them off

to second best.

love you eternally.