Student Life at International School Bangkok


Student Life at International School Bangkok


Student Life at International School Bangkok


ISB’s Athletic Heavyweight, Cory Campopiano

Alin Kasemtanakul
ISB athletic trainer Cory Campopiano preps senior Nate Scranton, a Varsity baseball player, for practice.

Meet Cory Campopiano, ISB’s fitness trainer — and a powerlifting pro — whose expertise and dedication to athletic training support ISB’s athletic programs by providing professional care and rehabilitation to any athlete with injuries. 

Cory’s journey began at the University of Georgia in the U.S., where he earned a Bachelor of Education in Athletic Training complemented by certifications as an Athletic Trainer and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). He then started to work with schools and high-profile athletes, eventually moving to ISB five years ago. During his time here, he has also competed in a number of powerlifting championships, never missing the podium. (His deadlift personal best is a massive 556.6 kgs, according to Open Powerlifting).

Cory works not only with athletes but also with ISB’s professional staff. “I like to educate not only athletes but also teachers and coaches on various conditionings, treatments, recovery, and various topics about fitness,” he says. He says he likes to share his knowledge and skills with others in the athletic community, enhancing his training experience. 

Alin Kasemtanakul

“Cory has helped me learn how to set up my training sets in the gym, which helped me focus on building muscle in specific areas,” says Pun Jongsuebchoke, a freshman Varsity swimmer at ISB. 

In fact, Cory was instrumental in terms of helping to determine the layout of the school’s new fitness center to ensure that athletes have the best experience possible.

His educational background and professional certifications have equipped him with the expertise to offer comprehensive support to athletes, encompassing rehabilitation, conditioning, and the management of muscle injuries. His role is pivotal in athletes’ training regimens, which are crucial for optimizing physical performance. As a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Cory specializes in developing tailored exercise programs that enhance the performance of athletes and teams.

But the intense nature of these training programs can sometimes lead to muscle injuries. This is where Cory’s skill as a CSCS comes in: As a professional strength and conditioning specialist, he uses exercise prescriptions to improve the performance of competitive athletes or athletic teams. This is achieved through strength training, aerobic conditioning, and other methods. When injuries occur, he can provide professional muscle injury therapy on the spot so athletes can get the treatments as soon as possible. After the emergency treatments, he offers well-planned rehabilitation programs where athletes are put in specially designed workouts, which helps “athletes get on the field quicker” after they sustain injury. 

“Cory helped me wrap my sprained ankel and also provided me with some rehabilitation programs too, which helped me a lot,” says Prize Chairatn, a freshman Varsity swimmer at ISB. 

Cory brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his role. His professional skills have made a considerable impact on the ISB athletic community. For many athletes, Cory provides a fast way to return from injury. Not only does he offer excellent athletic training, but he also provides a solid plan for rehabilitation programs for athletes with muscle injuries. Athletes find that Cory’s advice for injuries is always well thought out, leading to his excellent reputation within the school community. 

Over the years, Cory has significantly influenced the ISB athletics programs, becoming integral to both coaches and athletes in fostering a secure environment for athletes. Cory is committed to continuing his transformative influence on the ISB community. 

He has had a lot of practice, having worked with high-profile athletes competing in college-level athletics. “If you ever come into my office, you will see some posters of kids,” Cory says. “A lot of those kids had significant injuries that we rehabbed, whether those are torn ACLs, shoulder injuries anything like that. So they all got back into sport and are still playing in college.”

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