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Dhruv Patel is Making Waves

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Dhruv Patel after a race

When we asked senior Dhruv Patel’s coach what sets him apart in terms of skill and character, he told us that his skill was “just above average” for the longest time. “When he asked me if I thought he could swim at college, I said he had a bit of work to do before that would be possible,” Coach Corry Day continues. “So he did more than a little bit of work. He put all his effort into making the next level.”

And indeed Dhruv Patel will graduate this weekend having been the heartbeat of ISB’s varsity swim team, and he will go on to swim at Calvin University this fall.

His presence in the water is as electrifying as his spirit on land. From the moment he dove into the world of competitive swimming, Dhruv has been making waves, not just with his impressive skill but also with his dedication and enthusiasm. Currents of passion, perseverance, and leadership define him in and out of the pool.

Dhruv Patel (ISB Athletics)

Dhruv’s journey into competitive swimming began with a simple drive to be healthy. As an asthmatic kid, swimming was a way to help him feel better in his daily life. This continued into a local Thai swimming club, and eventually into swimming here at ISB. This is where Dhruv says he “found out he belonged in high school swimming.”

As a member of the varsity swim team, Dhruv’s impact goes beyond his own talents. His leadership, compassion, and unwavering support have transformed team dynamics and elevated performance across the board, says Day, who describes Dhruv as “a great leader, good teammate, and very kind and caring.” Dhruv’s ability to inspire and mentor teammates of all levels has been significant. Whether guiding freshmen through their first season or leading by example in competitions, Dhruv’s presence is felt both on and off the pool deck. When competing, Dhruv is often seen smiling and dancing as a way to keep the stress from getting to him. What he enjoys about swimming is the connections he has made and the collective dedication to the sport. “Hard work is an expectation, rather than something that you strive for,” he says.

For Dhruv, striking a balance between academic responsibilities and athletics is a testament to his exceptional time management skills and unwavering discipline. Incredibly, the time constraints put into his life due to swimming, such as waking up early and staying at school into the evening, have made him even better at his academics. Juggling a demanding training schedule with academic coursework requires planning and dedication, qualities that Dhruv embodies with ease. Despite the challenges, Dhruv remains focused on excelling both in the classroom and in the pool, showcasing his commitment to growth.

This commitment paid off in a big way with his recruitment to swim at NCAA Division III’s Calvin University in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In his own humble words, continuing to swim at a college level takes a “different-caliber athlete.” To achieve this goal, Dhruv bases his training regimen on world-class swimmer Cameron McEvoy, who won the 50-meter freestyle at Fukuoka, Japan, just last year. Cameron has “revolutionized the way that we have looked at the sport,” Dhruv says. He has taught Dhruv the importance of “training to swim faster, rather than swim more.”

Dhruv Patel’s journey exemplifies the power of dedication and perseverance. From humble beginnings as a kid seeking solace and comfort in the water to becoming a respected leader on ISB’s varsity swim team he has proven himself to be more than just a talented athlete. His journey is a testament to the values of hard work, resilience, and the importance of fostering connections within a team.

The Calvin University recruit with Coach Day and teammates (ISB Athletics)

As Dhruv embarks on the next chapter of his swimming career at Calvin University, his legacy at ISB will endure. His impact on the team’s culture, his unwavering support for his teammates, and his dedication to both academics and athletics have left an indelible mark. Dhruv’s story serves as an inspiration to all who know him, a reminder that with passion and perseverance, anything is possible.

As he dives into the future, Dhruv remains committed to chasing his dreams and “making waves” both in and out of the pool. There’s no doubt that Dhruv Patel will continue to leave a lasting impression wherever his journey takes him.

Says Day, “He will be drastically missed next year and can not be replaced.”

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