IASAS MUN Feature: Why MUN?


The UN building is filled with delegates from across the globe embodying a particular country all harboring a similar goal. While it seems to be any regular day, men and women dressed in smart casual clothes working to achieve peace and equality, these people raising placards above their heads are actually millennials, yet to graduate from high school. Sometimes watching these young individuals, you forget that after three days of competing they will return to their classrooms turning in their badges. Standing in the UN building, watching these individuals, gives one hope for the future. Such young individuals seem to care so much about what is going on around them. Within their meetings, these teenagers discuss pressing world issues and hopefully come to an agreement and/or solve these problems.

Why? Why does one choose to be a part of MUN? This was a question we decided to turn to the delegates themselves.

We started with one of our very own, Fareeda. When asked why she joined MUN, she responded saying it allowed her to express her passion for public speaking. Before moving to ISB she was deeply involved in drama, and she feels that MUN was a nice transition. “A lot of people are really smart so sometimes they will bring something up and you will feel really dumb.” she joked.  “But I am acquiring so much new information and the positives outweigh the drawbacks.” Prior to the competition, delegates are expected to do extensive preliminary research to become a true representative for their country. One’s personal opinion must be omitted when it comes to model united nations. For a few days, these individuals can morph into world leaders, preparing many for such positions in the future.

The second delegate interviewed was Jonathan from Hong Kong International School. He became a member of MUN in sixth grade as he was very interested in global issues at the time and it was a great way to explore that passion. This year something that he struggled with was a change in committee as he took part in the historical Joined Crisis Committee. “This committee is new and must respond to directives set by another committee in terms of crisis management,” he explained in a language I do not believe is English. Basically these delegates collaborate with those of another committee to solve dilemmas set by other representatives.

This year’s MUN conference has been incredible! The Princess of Thailand made an appearance at the UN building which happened to fall on the second day of the MUN events and was a once in a lifetime experience. The delegates are bursting with energy and are keen to collaborate with other minds from around the world all speaking this common language known as nerd.

Madison Mehta