“Alone On Top Of Mount Everest” by Kuya Kovitchindachai

Kuya Kovitchindachai


It was windy at the bottom of the mountain. I was afraid to go up any more than I had to. I hate to admit it but I was scared.
I was with a group that was climbing the mount but now I lost them. Everyone wanted to climb the mountain but me but now they are gone. I am alone.
I was following a trail. Snow came down and now the trail is covered.
There was supposed to be a shelter but….. I think I passed it a long time ago because I couldn’t see it through the thick white snow.
I’ve been on this mountain for many hours. I was scared to climb down the mountain. It was steep. Rocks could fall off at any time and I could die at any time.
I gathered up the little courage that I had and went up a little higher. It was dangerous but I was the only one who has not climbed it yet. Mount Everest.
I was cold but I couldn’t turn back to get a few more layers of clothing. My hands were shivering. My face was freezing.
I would rather be home than climb this mountain. I have no internet to contact help. I have to continue to climb up. It was the only chance someone could see me.
All I see is snow. And hundreds of meters I haven’t climbed yet. I knew if I fell it would be over.
Some people died trying. People more experienced than me. Climbing down would take hours. I start to get tired.
I have not seen any animals….
I wonder how tall it is. Mount Everest.
I could barely feel my hands. It’s so cold it hurts. I fell down a little but quickly got up. I was almost there. I found a tree and sat on it for a while thinking if I would make it to the top. I didn’t want to wait. I quickly got back to climbing up the mountain.
I started thinking about making an S.O.S sign to alert helicopters that I was here. My main goal was to make it out alive and climb to the top of the mountain.
It was scary… very scary to be here at Mount Everest with no rope attached if I fall. This is a situation where I don’t know what to do.
Should I stay at my little log until help arrives or go to the top and then wait for help to arrive? The option was difficult but I started to climb more and more.
I regretted the decision but there was no turning back anymore. After a few minutes, I realized how determined I was to climb the mountain. Mount Everest.
I was almost there at the top of the mountain. I wanted to climb it so much and here I am alone climbing it to the top. Mount Everest.
I was only a few meters away. I had made it to the top and I was happy. And there was a helicopter flying to pick me up and take me down from the mountain. It was scary but I made it at the top of Mount Everest.