How Europe’s Top 5 Football Leagues Will Finish The 2019/2020 Season


With football being cancelled now for about 2 months, football fans around the world are tired of waiting and want to see the beautiful game once again. Since the 2019/20 season was cancelled mid way during March many of the teams are currently denied the trophy and cannot claim it yet. In the past days, majors league are planning out on how to finish the season. Here is how the season will end for the Europe top five league leading into the next 2020/21 season.


English Premier League (England)

The Premier League, claimed to be the hardest of them all do have plans to try and finish the ongoing 2019/20 season. A few weeks ago, a plan called ‘Project Restart’ was announced. Some clubs agreed on beginning to train again on May 18th and play again during June. As the Covid-19 situation is still unclear it is difficult to see if  those returning dates are possible. The whole 19/20 season has plans to be done by 30th June and maybe early July.

If a decision cannot be made with teams not being  able  to return, the  Premier League do have other  plans. If Project restart and no solid dates are given to end,  the Premier League are open to the idea of  relegating the bottom 3, which includes  Norwich city, Aston Villa and Bournemouth. The vast majority of the clubs  in the league want to finish the league and don’t mind playing behind closed doors and at neutral venues. If the project  does collapse, then sadly those 3 teams will be  in The Championship next season and Liverpool won’t win their 1st league in 30 years.


La Liga (Spain)

The LaLiga which has Spanish giants like FC Barcelona and Real Madrid are also currently waiting on the green flag to play. Last week Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said that La Liga will begin to play again ‘shortly’ without a confirmed target date. Although in the past days, players around the country have returned to their training pitch and began training in groups. Seeing players return is a pleasure and a moment of joy for all football fans to see, was one of the gods of the game; Lionel Messi kick a football again. 

As the players roll in their training grounds they are all tested for the virus so that they are fit to  play and not get other players sick. They are all aware of the virus and they come to training with masks and gloves on. The La Liga is one of the leagues that remain uncertain on how it  will end. We can only hope to see the magic of Messi, Suarez, Hazard, Ramos and other respective players again.


Ligue 1 (France)

For now, the French league is the only major league that has announced that it will not be continuing the 2019/20 season. The last  Ligue 1 game was played March 9th and since then, french fans haven’t seen their clubs play again. The have officially declared that the 2020/21  season will be start and be played towards the end of August (French fans will have to wait  another 2 months  too see the  game)

But for some fans, there was joy. Especially the Paris Saint German fans. As of April 30th 2020, PSG were crowned champions of the Ligue 1 with 68 points (22W – 2D – 3L). With only playing 27 games out of the 38, they beat 2nd place Olympique de Marseille to the title. That also means that the bottom 3 teams were indeed relegated from the Ligue 1.


Bundesliga (Germany)

Probably the league that has the world of football watching. Other small leagues have carried on and played football, but the Bundesliga is the first out of the top leagues to play once again. With announcing the training dates, the German government has given the Bundesliga the permission for the league to play again. The league may not be as popular as the Spanish or the English league, but on May 16th, almost every football fan who has been craving to watch the game will tune in to watch the Bundesliga’s teams play.

Saturday May 16th will be the first football games to be played after a full 2 months. RB Leipzig vs SC Freiburg will kick off at 8:30pm local time. 6 games will be played from 8:30 all the way till 11:30. 




Serie A (Italy)

Italy, previously was one of the major countries in the world with a breathtaking amount of Covid-19 cases. The good news is that the cases are decreasing and the country is doing a better job with handling it. With that in mind the Serie A do have plans to  return their league. Their plan is to resume week 26 of the league on May 20th. Athletes were allowed to return to training on Monday May 4th.

The Covid though, has not been kind to the Italian football community. Juventus and Argentinian star, Paulo Dybala tested positive for Covid-19 4 times in the space of 6 weeks. He, along with Blaise Matuidi and Daniele Rugani were put under quarantine and treatment, and thankfully all are now negative for the virus. 

Cristiano Ronaldo and many other stars have had their salaries decreased. Ronaldo has accepted a whole 20 million cut of his wage. Many other stars like Messi, who is set to lose 50 million off of  his paycheck. Messi also had announced on Instagram that the Barcelona players will all accept a decrease in their paychecks.