3 Best Sports Facilities at ISB

There is no doubt that ISB has invested a large amount of their money on the sports complexes on campus. It is hard not to notice these very nice venues where all the teams practice their sport of choice. But this bears the question, what are the three best sports facilities ISB has to offer?


To start it off, we have the Rajendra Hall. This isn’t that new at all but as of recently the school made some additions to it. I’m referring to, of course, the Jumbotron which you are able to see right on the wall on either side of the gym. This gym is used by many people, first of all for the P.E. classes. It is also used by many sports teams including the volleyball team, the basketball team and the badminton team to name a few. Recently, the Rajendra was the main venue at Spirit Night for the volleyball teams to play in. With a very simple and spacious design, this facility is very nice for any fans of the aforementioned sports to come and support their favorite teams and cheer on their friends. A very well designed feature in this sports facility is the bleachers which during normal everyday life are stowed away on opposite sides of the gym in a very effective manner, allowing the P.E. classes to have enough space to play their games, but more importantly giving the sports teams who use this facility more than enough space to practice. When more official events, such as Spirit Night, happen, the bleachers easily slide out giving the spectators enough space to sit while not interfering with the games being played. In conclusion the Rajendra is a very important complex used by many people and teams on a regular basis, and being so diverse means that everybody has stepped into this facility at one point or another. 


The next facility is a less diverse, but just as important complex used by the populous of this school. The new pool is definitely a less common sight for many of the student body given it location in regards to the school, but also because it doesn’t feature as many sports and events. The main people who use this pool are the swim team for both their very intense, year around training and for hosting competitions. Just because the percentage of people who use this facility is much smaller compared to that of the Rajendra Hall, doesn’t mean it is any less important. The pool itself is very delightful and well designed for its uses, that being competitive swimming, but it is also easy to use for other reasons aside from swim meets and competitions. During my sophomore year I used the new pool fairly often for the Lifeguarding class. Being the size that it is allows for multiple uses, but aside from that the facility is quite appealing showcasing that the school spent a good amount of money into making it a great facility. Aside from the pool, there is a gym on the inside which is pleasant itself. Located on one of the furthest edges of the campus, it’s clear to see that the school had a vision for this sports complex and executed it well.

The third and final facility is the Auxi Gym. This is the one right next to the Rajendra and is an outdoor gym. Its main use to my knowledge has been for mostly physical education classes, similar to the Rajendra, but not used as much for competitive sports. This one has remained unchanged for the years that I have been here, serving as a multipurpose gymnasium for the P.E. classes. Though it is not the most aesthetically pleasing sports facility, it serves a very important purpose to the student body of ISB. 


In conclusion, the ISB sports facilities play quite an important role in the everyday life of the school. Nearly every student who attends ISB uses or has used at least one of the sports facilities mentioned above. Next time you find yourself at one of these facilities, take a second to think to yourself which sports facility you think is the best one at ISB.