IASAS MUN Feature: Seniors’ Thoughts

Jonathan Tostevin

This year’s IASAS MUN is taking place in the official UN building, and for many IASAS delegates this will be their last MUN conference of their high school careers. That being said, we have interviewed some seniors, for whom this will be their last MUN.

Daiki Sheknowme Ya, a delegate from ISB, said that MUN has really helped his public speaking. Before he joined MUN,  he did not enjoy, nor was he good at public speaking, but he said public speaking really “throws you into the deep end and makes you contribute to the debate.” His favourite moment was when his friend, who was a pager, rather than a delegate, took someone’s plaque and put forward a point of information that completely destroyed the delegate. When asked what he will miss the most he said, “the congregation of so many delegates, as well as the tight community that kind of feels like family.”


A student from Jakarta Intercultural school, who had been doing MUN for 3 years said the most valuable lesson he learned was “the three pillars of MUN: research, debate and speech-making” as it has had a large impact on his life. He really likes the banter MUN has to bring and when asked about what he will miss the most he said, “the ability to meet new people and all the people in IASAS.”

Sophie Anderson, a senior from SAS who has been doing MUN since 6th grade, says the most important thing MUN has taught her about are “people and communication.” She thinks that “the conflicting opinions are super interesting.” Furthermore, Sophie will miss the connections she has made with the delegates, but she is not too worried as she can keep in touch with them through Facebook.


MUN is a great opportunity for students who are looking to meet students from schools around the world that share the same passion for public speaking and debate. You should definitely join it while you can! Students will learn many skills through the club, whether it be public speaking skills, communication, different opinions, or just information about the world today.

Jonathan Tostevin