The Spring Play

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The Spring Play

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One of the most anticipated plays of the academic year. The Spring play will take you on a thrilling adventure filled with sadness, excitement and joy. The play will be performed twice, one on Thursday April 28th 3pm, and the other on Friday April 29th at 6:30pm. Both of these performances will take place in the CCT. This is a very special play as Mr. Peter Assimakopoulos the HS drama teacher will not be involved with any of the planning. This allows students to put in their own creative ideas into directing the play. It makes a great opportunity for students to not only show their acting skills, but put together all the elements of the play: costumes, sets, scripts, hair and makeup, and most importantly the storyline. Below is a short interview that PantherNation conducted with two students participating in the play.

Interview with the actors:

What are some things you are looking forward to when it comes to this play?

“The Spring play is a great way to show off our own unique and creative pieces. All of us have put all our efforts into putting the play together, and since it’s the last play of the school year, we want it to be memorable. I’m really excited to show everyone and I hope they enjoy it”  Aarushi Singh (9).

“I am looking forward to showing the work we have put together. To show the skills of not only our acting but the elements of putting together the whole play. It is really exciting and a great opportunity to do something unique and explore different ideas with my friends” Muskaan Shukla (10).

What do you want the audience to feel when they watch this play?

“I want the audience to enjoy every single moment of play and feel a connection with the play and real life. I just hope they enjoy the show and have fun and to appreciate all the talented actors of ISB” Aarushi Singh (9).

“I also hope the audience to feel the emotions that the actors are displaying and to have fun while watching the play. To appreciate all the hard work all the students have put together and make it a memorable show as it is the last play of the school year”  Muskaan Shukla (10).

What do you like about the character you play in this show?

“My play is about an artist trying to discover her masterpiece. I play the artist and I enjoy this role as I love art, it is really fun to explore the play with arts from different cultures and connect emotions with colours. My character is about finding her true self and the type of art that she wants to paint. Finally to paint a masterpiece, there is not much dialogues but there is lots of actions to express the emotions the character is feeling. I hope the audience enjoys it as much as I have enjoyed preparing for this role” Aarushi Singh (9).

“I play two roles one is the colour blue and the emotions that the colour express. Such as sadness and tiredness. The other role is of a daydreamer, dreaming of impossible things that she wants to achieve. It is a hard role to play expressing the the scenes where the character is dreaming. I had lots of fun creating and improving the character” Muskaan Shukla (10).

Make sure to come and support our students who have worked extremely hard to put the play together. We really look forward to all the artistic talent this event has to offer.


Suu Hanhtun