“Shards of Hope” by Alice Chusid

March 3, 2020

“The soul would have no rainbow, Had the eyes no tears” -  John Vance Cheney   My name is Adam. I am sixteen and am the eldest in my family. I also lost almost everything to death and despair that had plagued us. I live in Berlin, with my family. Abigail, my youngest baby sister. She is two years old and I love her more than my life. She has pudgy baby ...

“Walking Bomb” by Anonymous

March 1, 2020

It was a normal day. Or so I thought it was. I was just walking home from school, my family lived in the tiny little apartments made specifically for the teach...

“Escaping From the Manacles” by Matej Styk

March 1, 2020

He was drowning in an ocean of sorrow, disgust and hatred as he dug up another load of dirt on his work station. Suddenly, a high pitched screen erupted i...

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