ISB’s New Health Center

As the school had a renewal during this summer break, the health center also become a really useful place for every student! But I think most of you never been to the renewal health center yet. So I would introduce all of the benefits, and services which are provided by the staff here. 

Firstly, the location of the Health Center is now next to the Bookstore. 

There are (usually) five nurses who are all nice and pretty! 

Did you know that in this Health Center in ISB allows any people to come by who is from students who are having an emergency such as injuries to people who are emotionally not healthy? People who are feeling ill are also acceptable to come here. 

However, I felt that there are too many beds in this health center, so I asked why… 

But before this, the nurse, Ms. Khun Mam who is working in this health center said that they are used for different patients according to the location of the bed. There are seven beds in total. 

First, the right side of the bed that is the nearest to the counter, is used for emergency patients. The bed for the emergency patient is located there because there is an exit door near the bed, and according to her, the patient who has an emergency takes more time to go out of the room, so they are located near the exit door. Thank you for locating the bed with your thoughtfulness!!

If we go inside of the room, further from the emergency bed, there are more beds. These beds are for people who would like to have a rest because of fevers or illnesses. Additionally, there are two couches for people who would like to have a short rest at the health center! 

Now, as I touched a little bit, people who are allowed to come in are written bellow: 

  • People who felt they are in an emergency
  • People who have a fever
  • Illness
  • Headache 
  • People who want to rest 
  • People who cannot concentrate in class
  • People who are emotionally down
  • “Any issue that they don’t want to stay in class”

So, basically, everyone is welcome to come by to the health center!!

Isn’t amazing? 

You can rest and relax what way you like to. There are curtains beside every bed, so you can sleep with no other bothering. 


If you like to have a conversation, you may sit with the counselor and talk here as well. 

I wonder why most students don’t use and make their hearts shut and closed in the darkness of themselves…

Moreover, this is for parents or teachers who have a baby, but did you know that there are places to do some breastfeeding for your baby? There are machines for giving babies milk placed in the CC building. You may use a private room for that, where it is quiet.

There is plenty of health care in this school!

Then now, what can we do in this Health Center? What are the separated rooms used for?

First, there is a counter where the patients have to register with our names and the nurse will ask the symptoms that you are suffering. Then, there is a treatment room to have treatment, such as dressing wounds, taking medicine or anything that is done in a short time. After that, the nurse would take you to the bed or to the couch if you need it.  

There is also a private room, which is for the interview or consulting with other people.

In this private room, there is a desk, seats, and a counter where you can wash your hands, or other things. The storage room is also included in this health center. You may place your supply, instruments or wheelchairs.

In the Health Center, there are two toilets. One of them has a shower, just in case when the students (probably who are younger than middle school) get dirty. 

Health Center is a secured place where we all can visit and have help if needed! There are usually five nurses, so being in here is supportive and you can have help if you needed.