Pokémon Direct


On February 27, Nintendo revealed its Pokémon Direct as a part of its Nintendo Direct presentations. The Directs, official announcements from Nintendo that are released throughout the year, are a way for Nintendo to reveal information about upcoming games or consoles and are watched by Nintendo fans all over the world. This Direct, however, was especially eagerly viewed for the announcement of a new entry in one of the oldest and most beloved titles in Nintendo history:; Pokémon.

What we know

Titled Sword and Shield, these new Pokémon games are set in the world of Galar, a land akin to the UK, with the next generation of Pokémon – Gen 8. The three Pokémon starters are a grass monkey, Grookey, a fire bunny, Scorbunny, and a water lizard, Sobbie. The new Pokémon games were first announced at E3 in 2017. Sword and Shield are fully fledged Pokémon games, compared to the previous entry of Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee, as well as the popular Pokémon Go, which both appealed to a more casual crowd. Head of the Pokémon Company Tzunekazu Ishihara said that Sword and Shield “is not an entry game, but a game that we want long term fans of the Pokémon series to look forward to.”

What the people think

Vince Harryson (12) says that “Sword and Shield looks like an interesting addition to the franchise of Pokémon that seems to go back to its roots of a standard gym leader’s progression but adds all the flare of the newer pokemon games. It looks very promising and gorgeous, taking place in a land [akin to the UK]”. Fraya (Kat) T (9) says that she is “very excited for the latest generation of Pokémon that appears to be a more standard Pokémon game. I’m especially excited for the new starter Pokémon, who all look great!” Ismael Benmoussa (9) adds that “[he] got into Pokémon when Pokémon Go came out, and is eager to get into a more traditional Pokémon game.”

Pokémon Sword and Shield is scheduled for release in late 2019, on the Nintendo Switch. The next big announcement is most likely slated for E3 in June. What do you think about the latest Pokémon game? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!