Club Of The Month


If there’s something you want to do at school, there is likely already a club for it. ISB boasts over 50 clubs, with hundreds of dedicated students each pursuing their respective passion through these clubs. From community service to leadership, from physical activity to culture, there truly is a club for everyone. This month, PanterNation sits down with the Tactical Systems Roleplaying Club (TSR) to find out more.

Club Deets

What: Tactical Systems Roleplaying Club (TSR)

Who: Officers-Rafa, 15996, Stone, 14592, Kai, 14117

        Teacher: Mr. Farrell

Where: Room 204a

When: Wednesday’s, 2:30-4:00

A new club founded this year, the TSR club is a gaming club mostly focused on running the popular roleplaying game system Dungeons and Dragons, better known as D&D. D&D is best described as a ‘cooperative board game’, where a leader known as the Dungeon Master, or DM, describes and creates a world, leading the players through a story. It’s akin to a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ book, except the choices are infinite and varied in nature, limited only to the player’s imagination and the DM’s creativity and response. Club officer Stone Manniko (12) believes that the club has great utility aside from simply entertainment, saying that “[D&D creates] a community of like minded people to grow team building and problem solving in a creative environment”. D&D is a great way to bring people together, meet new people, and more importantly, make new friends.

So what does a typical club session look like? Starting at 2:30, the DMs set up their tables as the players come in. Currently, there are three different tables, each with a different focus; Ka Poulson (12) focuses on homebrew content, with modified rules and original characters; Stone runs a variety of one-shots, quick games with a different story and rule set every session; and Rafa Romasanta (12) running the latest edition of D&D, DnD 5e, with streamlined rules and characters for new players. The players grind their way through a dungeon or encounter, following a quest for gold and glory as they make their way through the story. At the end, the players write down what happened and where they left off, leaving to come back the next week.

The club meets every Wednesday after school, from 2:30 to 4:00 in Mr. Farrell’s room, 2-204a, by the Upper Grind. Although the club activities are mostly centered around playing and learning the fundamentals of D&D, there are some planned service opportunities through streaming games. Students from all grade levels are welcome to drop in and try a game, even if they have never played before. If you are intrigued by the possibility of slaying monsters, looting dungeons, and adventuring with some moderately steadfast and honorable companions, sign right up!