Club of the Month-Phayathai Orphanage


ISB boasts a variety of clubs associated with leadership, service, arts, sports, and culture. The clubs give us the opportunity as students to meet people, gain knowledge, understanding and experience of a variety of cultures. The PantherNation “Club of the month” is an ongoing project to introduce some clubs in this school that we find worth spotlighting. We chose Phayathai Orphanage as a club that we want you to know about.

Phayathai Orphanage club is a direct community service that visits an orphanage and spends some time with children. As Ms. Steward explained, “The purpose of this club is go and visit some young children between 18 months and 3 years of age to give them some time, some entertainment, and to give them time for some other people to interact and spend some time.” The club plans some activities such as games and singing songs., But since the children are young, what they really like is to just be picked up, walk around, and sit on the floor with the students.

Club members say that there is so much to learn in this club. Monica Kim (9) says that she developed responsibility, since the visit to the orphanage is an important time for children and requires responsibility. Ms. Steward also learn a lesson as a teacher that how valuable contact with other human beings are. Haeji Shin (12) says that she feels proud of herself when she sees the children get attached to her by not letting her go when she leaves. Monica also feels accomplishment when she sees the children smile and cherishes this experience since she does not have younger siblings.

After the interview, we went to the orphanage with the Club members and Ms. Herst. After school, we took a half an hour bus ride to the orphanage and went to see the children. Children and students were gathering in one room chatting and running around. The atmosphere of the place was light and the children were energetic. Students took the children outdoors and played with the babies. They played with toys, rode a miniature car, and played songs. Although they have to spend their childhood without parents’ love, they were cheerful and healthy thanks to the efforts of the orphanage workers and the club officers.

If you like playing with kids or interested in the club, you should go and join them.  Even if you do not have any experience playing with small children, you should sign up. In fact, Monica and Haeji both became members of the Phayathai orphanage club without any experience taking care of kids. Both the children and officers are waiting for new members. The club meets on Fridays week 1 at Room 208 and visits the orphanage every Friday. Go and see Ms. Steward, Ms. Herst or Mr. Sweeney and sign up!