Unique Uniforms

Uniforms!  Not everyone likes them, but everyone has to wear them. It is apart of daily life at ISB  and to be honest it can save a lot of time in the morning because you don’t have to worry about what you are going to wear!

In all honesty, there does seem to be some research that indicates a dress code has some positives. A New York police department survey showed that,  “sixty-eight percent of the parents believed the uniform policy improved overall academic performance. Eighty-eight percent of the parents thought the code reduced teasing between boys and girls. Eighty-four percent felt the uniform code promoted equality between the sexes. Perhaps most revealing was the fact that 80 percent of the girls and 62 percent of the boys reported liking to wear uniforms”.

On the other hand, some people believe that uniforms have more negative effects than positive and that they, “teach students that conformity is more important than adaptability” and that doing this is limiting individual’s freedom of choice.  So, PantherNation set out to find how some students go about expressing their individuality despite the dress code.

Because all ISB students are required to wear a uniform, we asked students what they do to make their uniforms unique. Even though there isn’t much room to change things about the uniform, some students have found a way. Maryline Feiertag(11) does this through her shoes and her shorts. “Something I do to make my uniform and complete look at school more unique is mainly focus on the socks and shoes I am wearing and how I tuck my shirt into my shorts”, she says.  “An example would be wearing higher raised socks and slightly heeled boots, As for tucking in my shirt, I will sometimes wear my shirt either fully tucked or just tuck in the front/side a little.” This lets her be an individual and grab people’s attention through her personal style choices.

Ying Ying Huang(10) also uses her shoes to make a statement. “For my shoes I like to sometimes wear high socks or shoes that are trendy. I feel like doing this does not  really help me express myself but it is easier than not wearing school uniforms, so I do not have to wake up and choose what to wear everyday”. Her shoes allow her to be original and stay in dresscode. These style choicesallow students some freedom within a limiting dresscode, even if it is only shoes, socks, and shorts. 

HS Dean of Students, Mr Vaughan, explained that ISB chose to have a uniform for multiple reasons. One of these is to promote consistency throughout students. He explained that it is easier for students when coming to school because, “you are not comparing yourself to everyone else”. Mr. Vaughan also said that ISB allows some mobility within the dresscode like allowing hoodies from school activities.

Even though ISB has a required uniform, it is important that you develop the ability to think for yourself.  Our school’s mission is based on developing critical thinkers who enrich communities.  While your dress may not do that on its own, it is important that you find out and express who you are as best you can.


What is your opinion on the dress code? Leave a comment below!

Isabella Abate