The Long Talk with Ms. Stefan

In  at the end of the school year, PantherNation is sitting down with each of the teachers who will be leaving us at the end of the year. Though they may be moving on, they have all made a permanent imprint on ISB.

They will be missed!

In this edition, we will be interviewing HS, IB English teacher, Ms. Ronna Stefan. About to hurl myself into the abyss

1: How long have you been at ISB? 

I’ve been at ISB for 15 years.

2: What roles have you had at ISB?

HS English teacher, IB teacher, MS Humanities teacher, MS Humanities department head, Student Council advisor, GSA club advisor, Soi Dog Rescue Club Advisor, Original Oratory coach, Oral Interpretation judge, TED Talks coach, and probably a bunch of other things I have forgotten!

3: When you look back over your time here, what are you favourite memories? 

Working with such great students and teachers. That’s what it all comes down to – the people.  As much as I am looking forward to a new adventure, I am going to miss the students and my colleagues here profoundly.

4: How do you want to be remembered at ISB? 

As a teacher who loved what she did, and hopefully conveyed that enthusiasm to her students; as a good colleague, as someone who contributed to a happy and caring environment at ISB.

5: Tell us a little bit where you’re going next.

Off to Thessaloniki, Greece – Mount Olympus, museums, art, ruins – the crucible of Western civilization.  Not 100% certain what I’ll be doing, but options include:  Teaching IB Lang Lit at Anatolia College; working on my Librarian Certification; teaching students in one of the camps for asylum seekers in either Greece or Makedonia; volunteering for the local animal rescue organization – or some combination of all of the above!

We will miss her so much and she will be remembered here at ISB. We wish her the best of luck in Thessaloniki Greece!

Haruto Tanaka