The Long Talk with Mr. Hardman

In an ongoing series at the end of the school year, PantherNation is sitting down with each of the teachers who will be leaving us at the end of the year for greener pastures. Though they may be moving on, they have all made an indelible imprint on ISB.

They will be missed!

In this edition, IB Maths Teacher, Mr. Peter Hardman.Mr. Hardman

1: How long have you been at ISB? 

9 Years

2: What roles have you had at ISB?

Teacher of Mathematics: HL and SL IB, AP Statistics, Algebra 2 and IMS2. Head sponsor of the Habitat Club. I have completed 9 Habitat GCW Builds as well as numerous club builds. Coach of the Varsity Rugby Team with Mr. Clover for 7 years.

3: When you look back over your time here, what are you favourite memories? 

The pleasant, interesting and talented faculty at ISB. They all have great stories to tell. I really enjoyed working with motivated and thoughtful students. I certainly enjoyed coaching many enthusiast boys for rugby. Students and teachers are very fortunate to work at the amazing facility that ISB has.

4: How do you want to be remembered at ISB? 

As a pleasant person who gave his best in all activities.

5: Tell us a little bit where you’re going next.

Heading back to live in Mount Maunganui in New Zealand. Hope to be able to return to Thailand on a yearly basis during the colder months in New Zealand. Looking forward to some fresh air, golf and other relaxing and enjoyable activities.

We will all miss him so much, and wish him the best of luck!


Haruto Tanaka