ISB’s Got Talent!


Credit: Sue Yoon

From the 14th to the 18th of March, many talented performers have showcased various music pieces in the pit at lunch. However, this wasn’t the last you saw of them. These very courageous students performed once again at ISB’s Got Talent at 6:30 pm in the CCT on Friday, March 25th. During the show, the artists competed for first place by impressing three judges, Mr. Bell, Mr. Vaughan and Mrs. Voight. It was full of entertainment and great music, and gave everybody an excuse to skip studying. From upbeat pop to heartbreaking slow love songs, the room was filled with pure talent.

Highlights of the show included Nikki Glucksman (12); Emily Hansen (10) and Grace Armstrong (10) who performed a duet and covered a range of current pop songs; Spencer Wile (10) who performed in baseball attire; and Dan Nardone (9) who was accompanied by Albert Smutharaks (11) on the sax.  The biggest spotlight, however, was reserved for Jordan Bordanave (9) who strut across the stage to Amy Winehouse’s Rehab.  It was the confidence and voice control which impressed the judges and brought the crowd to their feet.  Mr Bell claimed, “Jordan’s performance blew my socks off.  Her stage presence, the deep and breadth of her vocal range, along with the confidence and persona on the stage separated her from the competition.”

Last year’s ISB’s Got Talent winner, Jace Payackapan returned to the stage to entertain the crowd with an original song called “Fabricated” It can be found at this link.

In the end, it was another magical night of song, dance and courage.  ISB again proved it certainly has a massive amount of talent!

Chloe S