Long Talk with Boon Wongpaisan


For this month’s long talk, The International decided to sit down with former student and dancer, Boon Wongpaisan, to talk about his future plans and current achievements. Other than the young dancer, we also took our time to interview current student dancers, Ink Duangsri and Emmy Khawsam-Ang about their thoughts on what he’s been doing.

1.) Are you planning on continuing with dance after you graduate?

Ink Duangsri (12):  “I am planning to continue with dance in university as a dance major.”

Emmy Khawsam-Ang (11): “I do not plan on dancing professionally after I graduate, instead, I will continue to dance as a hobby.”

2.) Has Boon inspired you in anyway and if so, how?

Ink (12): “I’ve known Boon for a while now, and he is definitely a big inspiration. When he dances, he has his own style and he dances with so much passion. His commitment to the craft is so inspirational and so I look up to him a lot.”

Emmy (11): “Boon has taught me that passion is more important that doing what is accepted or considered good for you in other people’s minds.”

3.) How do you feel about what Boon’s doing right now?

Ink (12): “I think that for Boon, taking a gap year is beneficial because he’s learning a lot of new things and getting many work opportunities here in Bangkok which will help him broaden his technique and skill level for when he goes to university, and it will also help him find the type of job he would like to have in his future.”

Emmy (11): “I think that Boon’s gap year is very important to him as a dancer and person and he has learned so much. I think that by taking a gap year, he knows himself better.”

4.) Do you plan on doing something similar to Boon when you’re finished with school?

Ink (12): “I plan on going to university and doing dance like him, and I would love to go find more work opportunities for myself and take more classes, but I don’t think I will be taking a gap year because I would like to start working and experiencing more things in my area of interest in the states.”

Emmy (11) “I don’t think I will take a gap year like he is doing right now, but he is definitely an inspiration for me.”

As for dancers Boon, Ink and Emmy, dance has been an important passion and hobby for them. They are all very proud of what they have achieved so far and will continue to strive whether they are continuing with the art as a career or just a hobbie. In the dance department at ISB, Boon continues to be a great inspiration to many of the dancers here who may or may not follow in his footsteps.

Chloe S, Suu H