A Peek Inside ISBs Theater Renovation

A Peek Inside ISB’s Theater Renovation

Since the start of this semester, the ever-present construction site in front of our school has fueled anticipation and curiosity among students and faculty alike. This is, of course, the renovation of the iconic Chevron Theater – the site of countless significant events at ISB. For every student, the theater holds a special place in their journey, serving as the backdrop to pivotal moments during assemblies, performances, and sports banquets. As the cornerstone of student orientation and a venue for various crucial gatherings, the theater has left an indelible mark on the memories of all who have passed through its doors. And now, a new design is taking shape.

The primary motivation for this ambitious project — on which ISB is investing approximately 170 million baht — is to accommodate a larger audience — an entire ISB division — within the theater, addressing “a longstanding challenge,” says Anthony Giles, ISB’s Director of Arts & Activities. With the renovation, the theater will boast an impressive capacity of 800-plus, a significant upgrade that will ensure no student or staff member is left without a seat.

The renovation will include enhanced acoustics and a heightened audio experience for all. Mr. Giles says that the theater’s design has been meticulously planned, allowing even those seated at the back to hear speakers on stage without the need for microphones – a feature shared by ISB’s CCT theater. The stage is also getting a makeover so that it can be adjusted and changed, depending on the event and the purpose of using the stage.

All photo renderings courtesy of Anthony Giles

The innovation doesn’t stop there. The new theater is expanding its utility by incorporating a new art gallery space. This multi-functional area will host a variety of events, adding a creative dimension to the theater’s offerings. The thoughtful design extends to a new entrance connected to main second floor corridor adjacent to the middle school and high school offices, providing seamless access without causing disruptions to ongoing presentations on the stage.


Additionally, recognizing the importance of student spaces, the revamped theater will introduce a student lounge. This dedicated area aims to enhance the overall quality of student life, providing a welcoming environment for relaxation and socialization.

The commitment to expanding both the size and function of the theater goes beyond addressing seating concerns. It encompasses a comprehensive approach to elevate the overall experience for ISB students. When the new theater opens next academic year with a focus on improved accessibility, cutting-edge technology, and versatile spaces, it will be poised to become a hub for diverse events and activities, fostering a sense of community both inside the school and “within the larger community that we serve,” Mr. Giles says.

“As the only space on campus besides Rajendra that we can have an entire division together for common experiences, it will be an asset to the whole school.”


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