Cuties, What is it?

Controversial and blacklisted show Mignonnes (Cuties) has been a popular subject for the past few months. In recent weeks, a Texas grand jury has indicted the film for not following the first amendment. The show has caused outrage with negative reviews skyrocketing. However, with all of these negative reviews, curiously, the CEO of Netflix Ted Sarandos is protecting the show and agreeing with the producer, calling it a “social commentary.”


The initial release date for Cuties was on August 19, 2020. In just under a month, the show had been disgraced by media outlets. So some would ask the question: Why was it released at all? The producer of the movie during an interview said that his film is a “social commentary.” Some say that the producer gave platforms a false idea of what to expect with the movie, and that the only way to actually know what is going on is to watch it for themselves. The official ratings of the movie are 1.4 and 90 percent of all of the reviews are 1 star, along with bad written reviews. With all of the hate on the show and it even being taken down, why would the CEO of Netflix be protecting it? 

The movie claims that it is against the sexualization of young children, however, the main reason it is getting hate is for that exact reason. Some consumers have used the words, “disgusted,” “outraged,” and “ashamed.” The backlash of the show has caused people to start an online petition to get it removed from Netflix and to provide a way to voice their opinion. A comment made by one of the people that signed the petition said: “This is infuriatingly disrespectful and islamophobia towards my religion. Symbols have power. Do NOT make that girl come from a Muslim background, do NOT peg Islam as an oppressive antagonist in this story.” This comment is referring to the negative portrayal of the Islam religion in the movie, which is the source of most of the negativity.  


There is so much hate and backlash with the movie yet Netflix continued to defend it. In fact, the petition got so big that Netflix was forced to publicly apologize. “Cuties” was a giant mistake by Netflix: hopefully in the future, they will never release something like this again.  



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