2020 is The Year of Anime


Re:Zero Starting Life in Another World Movie Poster

A key visual for the Attack On Titan Season 4 anime. Pic credit: MAPPA

2020 has been a unique year for everyone. The pandemic caused many Anime shows to delay for months, yet anime is still grabbing attention around the world and becoming more and more popular every year, with brand new ideas, and quality of the art.  Since people are spending more time at home, why not spend time watching fresh and hot anime released (and will be released) in 2020?

1: Attack on Titan The Final Season (season 4) (Oct 20) (Official Trailer)

A key visual for the Attack On Titan Season 4 anime. Pic credit: MAPPA

It has been 7 years since the first season was released. Now fans are not only from Japan, but also everywhere in the world. This is the Anime known for great action scenes, and plot that everyone is looking for in 2020. The story begins with clueless humanity living inside a city surrounded by walls. The main character, Eren Yeager, grapples with the death of his mother having been eaten during the titan invasion, and joins the army to fight the titans. As of right now, we are in the 4th season. As the excitement continues, Eren finds out his true power, and hidden secrets untold by his father. But how is he going to end the conflict? Who even is the actual enemy? Attack on Titan The Final Season will be out on October 20. Let’s find out the truth.  Attack on Titan The Final Season coming out on October 20.

2: The God of High School (ongoing) (Official Trailer)

Anime does not mean that they are always from Japan. The God of Highschool is originally written by a Korean author on Webtoon. Crunchyroll adopted The God of Highschool and successfully gathered people’s attention. The story takes place in Seoul, Korea. An energetic boy Jin Mo-ri, participates in the fighting sports tournament to get himself stronger. For the tournament, high school students are gathered to fight on a stage. However, this is not an ordinary fight. Fighters are mostly the users of Martial arts, Kendo, the special power called charyeok heats up the tournament. And YES, there are fantastic fighting scenes in this anime too. But also, the friendship between the characters, and the passionate fighters, make the show a little more heartwarming. 


3: Violet Evergarden Movie (Sep 18) (Official Trailer) 

An official poster of the movie uploaded by the official twitter account (@Violet_Letter)

Violet Evergarden, produced by Kyoto Animation, is one of the most beautiful anime shows that can make you cry. “Beautiful” means everything in this anime. The plot, art style, and music are well produced to catch the audience’s heart. This story is about a young girl named Violet who used to be a slave, and also a war-veteran, finding the meaning of “Love” after the death of a major of the army who valued Violet the most. After the war, as Violet works as an “Automatic Note Doll” who assists writing letters for uneducated citizens, she slowly learns how to live like a human. For those who have not seen the anime, the first season and the previous movie are available on NETFLIX. Take a look before the movie comes out!


4: Re:Zero second season (2nd season trailer)

Re: Zero – Starting Life in Another World Movie Poster

The second season of Re: Zero – Starting Life in Another World is out and is on fire. When the show came out it grabbed the attention of anime fans with the brand new genre from the light novel, Isekai (translated to “different world” or “other world”). The main character who was living normally, suddenly wakes up in a fantasy world where you see unrealistic creatures, magic, and extraordinary things. Typical Isekai anime has the main character with overpowered abilities, successfully moving towards their goal. The main character of Re: Zero also has a “strange ability” that makes a random “save point,” and forces him to go back to the time and place every time he dies. However, the interesting thing about this anime is that the main character realizes that he is weak and hopeless.  He struggles throughout the story, but he slowly overcomes and improves his weaknesses.