Panther Pops & Popcorn at ISB

November 13, 2019

Almost every Friday in ISB they sell the popcorn and PantherPops. The popcorn is popped right here at ISB in a special machine. Tthe PantherPops are a delicious chocolate chip cookie wrapped around a scrumptious Mars Bars with an easy to hold popsicle stick handle. They are made by the parents in the Booster Club. The popcorn and cookies are popular at ISB. The Booster Club serves them. We at PantherNation decided to interview Ms. Meredith Page from the Booster Club to find out more about these delicious treats.

PantherNation: Who makes the popcorn/panther pops sold at school?

Ms. Page: We have a dedicated team of volunteers – each month between 10 and 14 parents donate their time and effort in baking a batch of Panther Pops.

PantherNation: About how many are sold each month?

Ms. Page: On average, we sell about 500 Panther pops each month.

PantherNation: Where do the profits go?

Ms. Page: Panther Pops is a program run by the Booster Club which uses all proceeds to support: 

  • Band, choir, and strings festivals
  • ES, MS and HS Drama productions
  • Athletic celebrations from U11 through Varsity
  • Sportsmanship Awards and The Spirit of ISB Award
  • High School IASAS events such as Model United Nations, Cultural Convention, and athletics
  • Donations including sound systems in the cafeteria and fields, tents to support outdoor activities and the row-iconic bronze panther at the front of the school
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