Long Talk – Mr. Bentley

May 8, 2019

It’s coming to the end of another school year, and as always we have to say goodbye to some of our teachers here at ISB. As part of an ongoing series, PantherNation sits down with departing staff to get their thoughts on their time on ISB, and where they are going next.

Mr. Bentley, a math teacher as well as a coach of track&field and cross country team is leaving ISB this year.

What is your favorite part of being a teacher at ISB?

I’ve enjoyed interacting with students both in my math classes, cross country, and track and field. I also have great colleagues, so in general, my favorite part of this school is the people I work together.

Where are you going next year?

I’m going to Zürich, Switzerland. My family and I are moving there to an International school called ZIS, Zurich International School. We’re looking forward to our new Journey since it’s our first time to live in Europe.

What has been your favorite memory of ISB?

It was memorable to me how much my school has been a good environment for my two children, being able to be involved in many activities at school from anything to soccer, swimming and running so ISB being a community center, everything that helped me and my family.

What would you say is your most memorable accomplishment here?

I feel like I had some effect on the school in different ways. I have been head of the math department for long, so there were lots of things that changed in the curriculum. Having this change, I, as a member of the Math Department, have managed to adjust to new IB courses and a developing program of studies, as well as bringing in new things like the math contest.

What advice would you give students?

I sometimes see students get involved in too many things, and get too busy, but I want students to keep a perspective: you’ve got a long life to live, so try to balance yourself. For the majority of students who are too obsessed with their academic performances, remember that there is a life beyond that. Going to a good college is not such a big deal as you might think. I also want the students to be physically active. Physical activity is a big part of my life and helped me so much being healthy. I want the students to start building up their habits of being physically active so that they can enjoy the rest of their lives.

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