Long Talk – Ms. Canobie

May 8, 2019

It’s coming to the end of another school year, and as always we have to say goodbye to some of our teachers here at ISB. As part of on ongoing series, PantherNation sits down with departing staff to get their thoughts on their time on ISB, and where they are going next.

Ms. Canobie has helped us have a quality life in ISB for 3 years as a dean of academics and leaving this school this year.

What is your favorite part of being a teacher at ISB?

I enjoyed my time working with students who work ambitiously toward their passions. You see it in the football field, the baseball pitch, basketball court, on the stage of musical performance, and in the classroom. The students in ISB care about what they do and they work hard.

Where are you going next year?

I’m going to Jamaica, to the American International School of Kingston to be the Head of School.

What has been your favorite memory of ISB?

My favorite memories are the assemblies, all run by students. I enjoy this occasion for the students to showcase what they are doing either inside or outside the classroom. I also like how the whole school comes together, and we do that regularly throughout the school year. I was especially impressed by the peace day and the language day when the whole school came together in the Rajendra, uniting as a community.

What would you say is your most memorable accomplishment here?

I have been able to construct the schedules so that the teachers in each department have common planning time. I hope I’ve managed to make a difference in how the teachers get to communicate with each other within the department.

What advice would you give students?

It may seem that the students’ daily actions are motivated by going to a good college or university. My advice for students would be: remember there is a life beyond that goal. Remember the ISB values. Remember that you’re all contributors to the world. Never forget your respect – respect for other cultures, respect for other human beings, respect for themselves, respect for the impact of your actions. That’s far more important in my eyes than getting all 7s and getting into a good college.

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