What Does Your Craziest Dream Mean?

April 4, 2019

We’ve all had wild dreams full of unimaginable events that seem inexplicable. However, the internet holds answers to the meaning behind nearly every kind of dream, and the dreams that other people seem to be looking for online are crazy. Let’s take a look at some dreams from anonymous ISB students and deconstruct them!


  1. “There as a lockdown at my old school because there was a school shooter and all the kids were crying under their desks. Then the window shattered and a man stuck a gun through the window, but the gun turned into a kitten that shot lasers out of its eyes. It kept shooting off people’s arms and legs and heads and people were running around and crawling and I was terrified.”


School shootings are a very common nightmare in people of young age that attend school and they are tied  with the fear of school shooting. The dreamer could have been exposed to a shooting in the news, which could have heightened the fear. It can also signify that someone in your life is taking their problems out in a big way.

Cats in dreams can symbolize someone who is malicious in your life and someone who you may feel threatened. More specifically, vicious cats could mean that the dreamer is having difficulty with their feminine aspects.

  1. “My weirdest dream was about my cat we had a really tight bond and one day I woke up from sleeping with him and he suddenly started talking to me. Every day in the month he had a different emotion and it started off really good and he was really happy. But as the month when on, he started becoming a really bad cat who was sad and aggressive and he became a villain that went around and killed people because he was so angry.”


Dreaming about a cat can once again, signify difficulty with accepting the feminine aspects of yourself, however being significantly emotionally close to one can show that you are too close to a deceitful person in your life. In this dream, the change in emotion of the cat over time can show the aggressiveness of someone in your life that is not treating you well or being manipulative.

Being afraid of a cat can show your false fears, such as believing something is hopeless or giving up on something you’re passionate about because you think your dreams are too far out of reach.

Talking cats are a sign you need to trust your intuition more. The dreamer should step out of their comfort zone and become more accepting of their feminine aspects as well as their hopes and dreams, and keep a lookout for people in your life who might be manipulating them.


  1. “I was in the mall and I went into urban outfitters and then Snoop Dogg came in with a gun so I ran to one of the fitting rooms and I was there and I got upset with myself because I had just cornered myself. Then he found me and held the gun up to my face and then I woke up.“


A gun being pointed at someone in a dream can signify some sort of confrontation that has been on you mind a lot lately. If the gun is pointed at your head, it can mean the matter is urgent and you feel pressured to make a decision, whereas a gun in the mouth can point to the idea that you may be afraid to speak your true feelings or emotions.

Being cornered in with someone who wants to kill you can show the close proximity to someone who is causing you stress and pressuring you in a way you feel like you can’t escape.

  1. “I used to really like the Flash and so I was the Flash one day and dinosaurs took over the world. The weird thing was that their heads weren’t dinosaur heads they were human heads and I had to fight all of them.”


Dinosaurs in dreams can be interpreted as the dreamer having a fear of change. It can also be tied to  outdated opinions and the need to change to be able to grow as a person. Being chased by a dinosaur can simply show the fear of certain problems in their life and the feeling that they are incapable of escaping. Furthermore, killing them means that you need to face the things of your past and realize that change will allow you to become a better person.

Superhero dreams are tied to intelligence and creativity in the dreamer, but the feeling that no one else can see this. It could mean you’re just now starting to recognize the “super” parts of yourself and you should take the time to reflect on yourself as a person and appreciate those things.


  1. “I was on a soccer field and I was about to score a goal and I was trying to run fast but I was the slowest I had ever been and I didn’t know how to go faster. All of a sudden these ghosts started chasing me and all of a sudden I was in a parking lot basement and they were all over me again. Then I was in a sunflower field and I thought I was safe because it was sunny and there was a boat in the field so I started climbing up and then all of the sunflowers became the ghosts again! I freaked out and then water appeared underneath me and I tried to jump in and swim away but they surrounded me and pulled me under.”


Trying to run quickly without the ability to is one of the most common dreams, and an interpretation is that the dreamer may feel powerless in a situation or they have a lack of self-esteem or self-confidence. It can also show the stage of REM sleep the dreamer is in at the moment in their sleep cycle.

Being chased in a dream can show that the dreamer is avoiding a big problem and in this specific dream; it shows that they are continuously trying to escape from this problem in their life but it continues to reappear, meaning it is an important decision or issue.

Let us know what your craziest dream was in the comments down below!

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    Sallie WilsonMar 2, 2020 at 2:08 pm

    I hate cats and in my dream somehow a cat got into my house we tried everything to get it out I had to wrap a blanket around it I’m trying to read outside and it’s still got back in my house then I got it back outside and we had to run around the block just to get it out. Then I ended up somehow when I returned home to cats and run with me then three dogs came through I was so happy because I hate cats they chased them away.