ASMR: What Do You Think?

March 15, 2019

“Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response” (ASMR) is a feeling of well-being with a tingling sensation throughout your body due to audio sounds.  It is a new YouTube and Instagram trend that many young people have taken to, while many others find it really strange. The sounds include actions such as eating, cutting soap, and playing with slime. People chose to watch these videos when they are stressed and want to calm themselves.

Many people make food ASMR videos, and mukbangs, are videos of people eating and talking, are usually connected to these videos. Famous youtubers like Trisha Paytas do a lot of mukbangs and used to make ASMR videos. A  lot of people on instagram make ASMR videos because they get a lot of views. They eat a lot of food that make crunching noises or soft chewing sounds to the ear. But, some people also eat live animals, such as shrimp and squid, and chalk. Mostly, honeycomb and sushi are the main videos watched because of their sounds.

Other famous youtubers, such as Christina G, make slime videos and play with the slime in order to make the sounds and give the visuals of slime when they twist it and “roll” it. People also like to watch soap cuttings and wet clay with glitter because of how calming hey feel the sounds are.  However, not all people understand why it has become so popular.  Sara Khan (10) claims, “I think that ASMR is overrated, I think that to a certain degree it’s entertaining and has calming benefits for adolescents under stress, but I think for today’s society ASMR is very over exaggerated and I don’t understand why it is as popular as it is.”

But ASMR isn’t just for the sound affects. Some people are satisfied watching closeup videos of blackheads getting squeezed out of people’s faces.  Sam Skaggs (10) doesn’t like this aspect of ASMR at all.  “There are some good videos out their but their are also some creepy ones like people eating pickles and weird stuff like that”  Camilla Purdy (10) agrees with Sam. “I don’t really like it, it’s really weird. I also honestly think that I might have misophonia, it’s like the hatred of noises, so I really don’t like chewing noises and I feel like ASMR is just an intensified version of chewing noises but I understand it calms some people down.”

Lastly, bone-cracking is also a major topic for ASMR because people like to hear the crunches and pops of peoples bones when they go to a chiropractor. And, it’s not just only to hear the sounds, it’s the satisfaction of people’s joints getting revealed after getting adjusted.

Overall, ASMR is many types of sounds and visuals to satisfy the viewers watching at home. Many people do it just for entertainment but also people do it to calm themselves down. ASMR is a popular trend and many people still like to watch.  However, there are many who find it very weird indeed.


If you don’t know what ASMR is click on these links to find out more!

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