The Ruthless Comics of Que Pasa Comedy Den

November 15, 2018

Alright, here are the facts: you need to go to the Que Pasa Comedy Club. Recently, my friend Vishnu and I went to the double-headliner stand up, and despite the fact that we were in the middle of our high school journey, they did not hold back.

Before the acts started, despite the warnings of about 20-30 people sitting in the room, we decided to sit up front. The 6 stand up acts were met with two boys who looked just a little too young to be 18. Normally, comedy clubs are filled with older groups, so the comedians did not let us “youngsters” force them to censor anything. Right off the bat, the host of the show called us out and told us we might have been a little young to have come to this show.

So far, the experience wasn’t too joyful, but after a couple of minutes of feeling ashamed of being there, the show just got better and better.

They swore at us and ridiculed us to the point where we had tears in our eyes. Tears of laughter that is.  

About 25 minutes into the show, a dialogue began between every single comedian and Vishnu. After the host who started the show asked us for our names, every single comedian seemed to be drawn to his witty answers. Within 20 seconds of every new act, a comedian would get up on stage and introduce themselves to the both of us. It seemed to be a running joke to talk to Vishnu, and the joke kept going for the hour and half that we were there.

After making the room laugh till our stomachs hurt, the comedians did not stop. Their jokes were personal and they managed to turn heartbreaks into hilarious stories. The stand ups were extremely intellectual and managed to deal with their atypical audience in a hilarious manner.

They got the “crap” roasted out of them”

— Rosa van der Heijden (11) (audience member)

The stand up featured Tsitsi Chiyuma, a Comedy Central special along with 2 other stand ups who have been featured on Comedy Central Africa. They showed their talent and experience up on the stage despite the fact they only had 10-15 minutes to speak.

The night was short yet the laughs were endless. I cannot recommend the friendly atmosphere and hilarious comics who are featured every few months strongly enough. There is another stand up coming on December 2nd and tickets can be bought at the Que Pasa counter right outside Nichada.


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