New Fall Play ‘Anything Goes’

September 24, 2018

In November, ISB is performing a play called, “Anything Goes.” The play’s theme focuses on how “everything turns out alright!” in the end. Anything Goes is a “witty” and “ridiculous” comedy with a lot of absurd characters and situations.

Mrs. Harison Denby, the head of the Drama department, has done many plays in ISB, and will be directing this year’s fall play.

The main characters are Reno Sweeney (double casting of Imogen Alexander and JC Breedlove, seniors), Billy Crocker (Vishnu Susheer, junior), Hope Harcourt (double casting of Jenni Lochridge, senior and Leah Scranton,  sophomore), Moonface Martin (Todd Amatayakul, sophomore), and Lord Evelyn Oakleigh (Daniel Nardone, senior).

The “secondary lead” roles are played by Stone Mannikko, Ally Glucksman, Anshika Chauhan, Phillip Sund, and Jillian Barton, all seniors.

The characters are on a ship, the SS American, traveling to London from New York in the 1930s. Billy Crocker has stowed away to try and win his love, who is unfortunately engaged to another man, Lord Oakleigh! His friend Sweeney, a nightclub singer, as well as one of America’s most wanted criminals Moonface Martin helps him along the way.

Rehearsals are going exceptionally well so far. They hit the ground running, learning the big song and dance numbers, as well as blocking 2/13 scenes in only one week! “The cast of 30 are such a talented and hard-working group, and have so much energy. I certainly finish rehearsals inspired!” Ms. Denby exclaimed. “There is so much to do and along with singing, dancing, movement and script work, but the cast is talking it like professionals!  I love working and directing at ISB because the students are not only passionate but also so hard working, and it really means that we can push them to perform something of a much higher quality than your average school musical!”

Overall, in the play, “Anything goes” is an exciting historical-love story play with many plot twists and the cast are working hard to get all the lines and songs perfect!


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