Taylor swift, a change for good or bad?

April 3, 2018

It seems like over time Taylor Swift’s image has changed from country girl to pop star. Since her first album came out in 2006 a lot has changed. While sometimes change is a good thing, it is not always what people want, especially in a celebrity. At first, her switch from country to pop seemed like a good thing. However, her new music which is a drastic difference from her usual love songs due to the new edginess, seems to not be what the people want.

This is evidently seen in Taylor’s ticket sales. Not only was her 1989 tour (her previous album) cheaper, but it also sold out within minutes according to the new york post. However, the “Reputation” tour has still not sold out in many cities. Taylor’s switch from country to pop did not generate the same misfortune. Ticket sales and gross profit from the Red world tour which is arguably her first pop album, were higher than her Speak Now tour which was still country. This shows that change is sometimes what people want but in the case of the Reputation world tour that might not be true.

People who went to the 1989 world tour are also not happy with the Reputation tour prices. One swift fan on twitter said,  “I paid $150 for my ticket with amazing seats for the 1989 tour. Now for the same seats I have to pay about $500.”

It seems like everyone has listened to Taylor Swift at one point or another. Kyle Vanelli (10) likes her as a person and supports her new found empowerment but does not listen to her new music. “I’m a huge fan of Taylor Swift! I think she’s changed as a person in a crazy good way! Go Taylor! But I don’t like her music as much anymore.”

In addition to her fame from music, Taylor swift is also known for her feuds with people like Katy Perry and Kim Kardashian. The Katy Perry feud is about a backup dancer and the Kim K. feud is about a vulgar line in one of Kanye’s songs mentioning Taylor. Valeria Rubio (10) says that she does not like her because, “she is almost 30 now and she shouldn’t be acting the way she is. She is immature and I feel like as she has gotten older she has just gotten more immature”.

I’m a huge fan of Taylor Swift! I think she’s changed as a person in a crazy good way! Go Taylor! But I don’t like her music as much anymore.”

— Kyle Vanelli

Overall Taylor Swift’s image is going through a massive change. While she has gone through reputation changes before, this one, however, is different from her country to pop switch because of the wide spread negativity towards her album and tour.

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Isabella Abate

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