Panther Trails – Peyton Emery

March 28, 2018

Peyton at the Women’s March in NYC

ISB Class: 2017

College: New York University Tisch School of the Arts

What career path are you pursuing?

My major is Media, Culture, and Communications so I’d hope to follow a career in either PR or Marketing, but I’m open to switching directions if something else catches my interest.

How would you describe the transition from ISB to your new college?

My transition to college was fairly smooth. A lot of people try to rush into joining a ton of clubs or greek life, and I found that that was definitely the case with a lot of people at NYU. However, being introverted I allowed myself to take my time to get to know the city and the school first which turned out in my favour as I felt more comfortable making new friends. I eventually did join a few clubs and already worked my way into a leadership position, so I’d say that though my transition was probably slower than the average freshman, it worked best for me.

Do you feel ISB prepared you well for your college experience (both academically and socially)?

Classes in college are definitely different than the IB. I’d compare it to about one year of content for each class per semester so it definitely goes much quicker than at ISB. The IB helped me be able to quickly write essays and figure out how I study best; skills that I carried with me to university. However, it didn’t prepare me for the different styles of writing. The IB has a very specific way of how its students are intended to write, and that is not realistic for any other type of writing. Socially, ISB was a very small school which is an aspect I personally did not like. I chose to go to a fairly massive school in the middle of Manhattan with the hopes of not feeling like a student 100% of the time, but also feeling like an adult. I’d say that ISB helped me in figuring out which social environments I don’t work best in.

What advice would you give to this year’s Seniors as they follow in your footsteps next year?

Find a school that best fits you, not what looks best on paper.”

— Peyton Emery

Go to a women’s march at some point in your life.

Any other thoughts to share?

Call your grandparents.


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