Boys Rugby Pre-IASAS

January 25, 2018

The second season sports of this ISB school year is now coming to an end and the boys rugby team will be heading to TAS to compete at IASAS on February 3 – February 6 behalf of ISB.

Last year the boys team placed sixth and this year, Coach McRobbie says he feels “confident that the boys will perform creditably at IASAS and that they will be competitive.” Afterwards,  he mentions that “the squad has worked extremely hard this season” showing they have put all effort in for this season’s IASAS.”

confident that the boys will perform creditably at IASAS and that they will be competitive”

— Coach McRobbie

The team’s main strength this year is their “great team spirit within the squad and a real desire to improve the standard of rugby at ISB” according to Coach McRobbie. However, the one problem that they have is the team has “relatively little rugby experience, so there has been a tremendous amount of ground to cover in a short period of time.”

Although the team has little experience, Coach McRobbie follows up with the fact that “every player has improved hugely over the past few weeks,” not to mention the strong bond and team chemistry that has been created between the players over the weeks of the season.

Overall, the team has fought together to ensure they peak at IASAS, and Coach McRobbie mentions that “all the boys have stepped up in terms of fitness, willingness to learn, and commitment.” Since all the players are putting in their best effort, there are no real players who put in any work more than the others.

How do you think our boys rugby team will do in TAS during IASAS. You will have to wait and find out on February 3 – February 6. Be sure to support our rugby team via live stream, and feel free to leave a comment about how you think they will do below.

Lucas Wilson

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