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Reactions to Almost Maine

Reactions to Almost Maine

The Fall play ‘Almost Maine’ was shown from November 17 to 19. Actors have been working hard since August to ensure that the play was the best it could be. The overall reaction to the play was very positive and people were even put into a happier mood after seeing it. The play is a romantic comedy that is about love in a small town. The play hit the viewers close to home and everyone loved it.

Sydney Segura (11) said, “I really enjoyed this play, it made me happy, it made me sad, and most of all it made think of love and what that means. I loved the intimate stage because it really made me feel connected with the performance, and I enjoyed watching all the actors making the characters come to life”. Mr. A had similar opinions to Sydney saying, “it was great to see the students create the world of the characters and communicate such strong emotions for us to enjoy or empathise.” The students and teachers both thought the actors were able to bring the play to life so the audience could connect.

The favorite character in the play was different for each person. The actors who played a couple seemed to have a greater impact on the audience. Sydney described that she“loved the dynamic between Oscar and Anshika and it made me laugh many times.” Their connection made the play much more emotional.

Another audience favorite was the scene involving the two male friends who discover that they love each other. Ms. Weber stated that it was, “quite daring and well-acted.” This scene was a big role for two freshmen (Jaden Cilliers and Gabe Espinoza) to take on; however they obviously did a very good job based off of the reactions from those who watched the play.

“loved the dynamic between Oscar and Anshika and it made me laugh many times.””

— sydney segura

The message behind the play came off different to everyone, but the main idea that everyone was able to understand was that true love comes before everything else and can overcome every obstacle. This is because it is the most powerful human emotion.

Did you like the play? What were your favorite characters and scenes? Let us know what you thought about the play in the comments below!

Isabella Abate

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