2017 Girls Cross Country IASAS Recap

November 6, 2017

As season one IASAS sports have concluded, the girls cross country team has just returned  from battling for gold in Singapore. They fought hard with the other five IASAS schools and, unfortunately, placed last. Overall, SAS placed first, ISKL second, and ISM placed third.. Even though the results were not what they desire, the girls have shown great effort and tried their best until the very end.

This year, the girls cross country team has  many new members as the coach, Mr. Giles, explains, “we only had one returning runner.On the other hand,, now that “they know what they are up against”, they now will now to train harder and become stronger for next years competition.This means they can improve even more and grow stronger as a team for the upcoming years. And possibly, they may eventually beat  all other IASAS schools and win the gold! 

”This made the competition “severely difficult” since every school always bring their seven best runners to IASAS.””

— Coach Giles

The girls ran  both a 3 km race and a 5 km race. Coach Giles described that both the races for the girls were a “bloodbath.” Near the end of both the races, he also revealed that “lots of tears were shed”,but they were still some great races for the girls.

Overall, the girls have shown their strength and are working harder than ever to win the gold next year. With the girls cross country team recruiting new participants, they will train hard together and grow stronger to compete for next year’s competition and grasp the gold.


Joon Lee

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