Alumni Advice for Students Attending ISB

April 26, 2023

School can be a challenging and sometimes overwhelming experience for many students. Between navigating difficult coursework and maintaining a social life, it’s no surprise that some students may struggle academically. However, they are not alone. The good news is that resources are available to help students overcome these challenges. One valuable source of advice and inspiration comes from alumni who have already gone through the same struggles and come out on the other side. From struggling with time management to balancing social life, these alumni share their insights and advice to overcome academic and social obstacles, hoping to inspire and empower current students to do the same.

Caption: Photo of the senior class, By ISB Annual Report

“Many high school students don’t like to hear this, but it’s important to sacrifice plans you made that could take away from crucial productivity time.” – Imad Bakkali

Ismael Benmousa, a 2022 graduate attending University College London, says he wishes he had not given in to “lazy temptations,” such as not paying attention in class and having the mindset that he could catch up on his work at home. “More often than not, you will give yourself another excuse when the time comes to catch up on things, and this way of thinking can increase your homework load and stress.” A quote that continues to motivate him is “15 minutes of work is better than 0.” He says, “Sometimes you have hours of work that you’re simply too tired to do at once. Remember that while 15 or 20 minutes may not be enough to finish everything, it will get you further than doing nothing.”


Varsity Basketball Star, Alekhya, By Aoddy 2022


For students trying to balance academics and social life in high school, Allyn Croke, a 2022 graduate studying at the University of London, recommends finishing your homework as soon as you get it. “I would come home from school, finish my work, then go out later that night,” she says. However, she understands that certain tasks, such as the EE, university applications, and projects, can’t be done in one day. Instead, she recommends students schedule a time during the weekends to do these.

As the alumni reflect on their moments at ISB, they share their most valuable lessons learned in high school. Alekhya says grades are important. However, “a few bad test scores don’t define who you are. What does (matter) is the impact you have on your community.” Imad says he carried his time management skills into university, allowing him to complete large tasks while enjoying his social life outside school. But despite all the advice about tackling your schoolwork, students at ISB should understand the importance of maintaining a balance between academics and social life. Ismael says his former high school teacher Mr. Hansberry taught him that while you can’t neglect your responsibilities, “there is more to life than studying and work, and these things should be appreciated.”

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