What Lies Just Outside the Nichada Gates?

April 20, 2021


During the pandemic, many families began ordering from local shops to avoid crowds.  This is a great idea and the local food is spectacular, but we wondered, ‘who is it making that food and why’?  The PantherNation team set out to answer this question and to learn more about those who share a common geographic location with ISB and the families in Nichada.  Below are several short documentaries produced by the PantherNation Team.  They went outside of Nichada, sometimes just a little way, to see who is out there making the wonderful food many of us eat.  Take a look at these amazing shorts and give us some feedback!

 Find out about Tony’s Diner – an ISB Touch Rugby Sponsor!

Interview and video production by Dane H., Ekaansh M., and Deon B.


Want to know more about the golf cart, motorcycle repair, coffee shop, and food shops close to home?

Interviews and video production by Sara K., Sam S., and Jonah C.


Have you been to The New York Dinner outside Nichada Gates?

Interview and video production by Cherry I. and Sam W.

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