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September 22, 2020

Every sneaker has their own unique story. Whether it’s Lebron James’ dominating moments, the pair you wore to your first track meet, or the knock-around pair you wear to play pickup basketball in your front yard, sneakers help us walk the walk. 

Everyone has different answers when it comes to “the best sneaker”. With all the different styles, colors, and brands in the world, it is nearly impossible to identify one sneaker that fits the taste of all sneaker-heads. With that being said, let’s take a look at what some of our fellow students at ISB had to say about their “best athletic sneaker.”

Harry (G11) – Nike Zoom Vaporfly 

(Photo via @nikerunning Instagram)

“In my opinion, the best athletic shoes out right now are the Nike Zoom Vaporfly. This is because the carbon fibre plate in the sole of the shoe provides an amazing bounce and snap when you are running, and the Nike React technology in the shoe is soft enough to run long distances on any surface without putting too much stress on your joints as the compression on the react technology is simply incredible.”

Sam W(G10) – Adidas Ultraboosts

“I would say the best trainers are the ultra boosts ones because they are really comfortable and they aren’t too expensive so you would’ve worry about ruining them when doing sports.”   (Photo via article)

John (G12) – Brooks Ghost 12s or Hoka Rincons

“I’d say the best trainers would either be the brooks ghost 12s or the Hoka Rincons. The Ghost 12s are extremely versatile, great for long runs, and faster workouts. Rincons provide you with amazing long-run performance, with a med-high cushion, and large bass which allows for stable landings.”  (Photo via website)

Sam S (G12) – Nike Pegasus 32’s

“I really like the Nike Pegasus 32’s. They are tough as nails, and mad comfy. They are well rounded athletic sneakers, great for runs, workouts in the gym, or pick up basketball.  Although now since the 32 lines has been over it’s hard to find them in my size so I have moved to the newer Nike Pegasus.”(Photo via article)

Daniel N (G12) – Nike Revolution 3’s

“I think that the Nike Revolution 3’s are the best training shoes because they sit firmly around your foot and so they grip your foot in place and also there’s great ankle support even though it’s a low shoe. And it also has good traction,and has very cushioned soles as well.”(Photo via website)

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