Long Talk: Ms. Voigt

May 22, 2020

As we near the end of the (virtual) school year, there are some goodbyes in order. As part of an ongoing series, PantherNation sits down with departing staff to get their thoughts on their time on ISB, and where they are going next. Ms Voigt, High School’s annual substitute teacher, will sadly be leaving us this year. 


  • What is your position at ISB and how many years have you been here?

I have been a teacher in the Social Studies Department for five years. I have had the joy of teaching IB Psychology. I love the course and have enjoyed the fact that most students like the subject of Psychology even though it is a challenging course. I  also thoroughly enjoyed teaching the 9th grade World Studies course for two years. I learned a great deal about Thailand when I taught Thai South East Asia Studies for a year as well. The greatest opportunity has been to adapt the Sociology course which was so expertly developed by Dr LeNezet, a former colleague, to a course in Social Bases of Behavior. I have also filled the position of Junior Grade Level Coordinator.


  • What is the next destination in your life?

I am off to Hong Kong which is wonderful since I get to stay in my beloved Asia. It is a school quite different to IASAS schools, three of which I’ve happily taught at. It is a dual language school which integrates the philosophy of the Confucian ‘noble truths’ with the IB learner profile. I am excited to take on the challenge of embracing the IB Middle Years Program and share my love of the IB Psychology with students. I will also be quite involved with the schools’  social emotional learning goals.

  • Why did you decide to go there?

    Hong Kong

I decided to join ISF because I was keen to experience a different type of school. This is a dual language school which aims to integrate an Eastern and Western perspective. Since I am  really interested in culture and especially Chinese culture since living in Beijing I thought this would be a great opportunity. I will miss ISB and its people people big time though!


  • Looking back on your time at ISB, what memories and feelings will you take away from here?

I leave ISB with a sense of deep gratitude to  and admiration for all the students with whom I have interacted in the classroom and out of it. ISB students shine in my eyes.  They are kind, eager, fun and interesting. I have also worked with amazing colleagues in the Social Studies Department and have built meaningful  and treasured friendships throughout the school. I of course feel very sad that I am not able to say goodbye to the wonderful humans, who are the very fabric of ISB, in person but I hope to be back to do so.  


  • What final thoughts or advice would you like to leave with the students of ISB as you depart?

My advice is to strive to always be kind to yourself and others; to always be inclusive, to always be willing to make mistakes and to learn from them and to always remember to nurture a positive mind. I am going to borrow another person’s words 

“Too much credit is given to the end result. The true lesson is in  the struggle that takes place between the dream and reality.That struggle is a thing called life!”  Garth Brooks.

Enjoy your life!


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