Long Talk: Mr. Quinet

May 21, 2020

 This year, along with a few others, we say farewell to Mr. Quinet, our athletics director. Coach Quinet has been involved at ISB for five years, as the head director of athletics. He’s facilitated and organized many different sporting events, and helped the ISB sports program as a whole tremendously. In the last 3 years, Coach Quinet has also coached the varsity basketball team, to which he has an IASAS gold medal to show for.

What is your position at ISB and how many years have you been here?

I’ve been the Athletic Director here at ISB for the past five years.


What is the next destination in your life?

I’m headed to South America, baby! Santiago, Chile and the International School of Nido de Aguilas.


Why did you decide to go there?

South America is a part of the world I’ve never experienced nor had the opportunity to travel around. I’ve been so fortunate to have lived, worked, and met amazing people in N. America, Europe, Africa, and Asia, and this was a unique opportunity in an incredible school in a beautiful country. I just couldn’t pass up this new position, exciting challenge, and chance for my family and I to further explore the world.


Looking back on your time at ISB, what memories and feelings will you take away from here?

This school has such incredible community spirit. It’s a great place to be a kid, to play sports, or to be involved in activities. The opportunities are unmatched, and students can pursue their passions at the highest level. It’s certainly one of the warmest, most welcoming communities I’ve known, and being situated in Nichada has its perks. I’ll miss all the huge community events, the Spirit Nights, IASAS events, and working with my friends and colleagues. I’ll miss seeing our students mature as athletes and as people, pursuing their goals and gaining valuable insight and experience to propel them forward. I’ll miss my good friends, the other IASAS ADs and Activities Directors; a group that is solely focused on building better programs and creating special opportunities for students in all of our schools. I’ll miss our phenomenal facilities, the opportunity to be outdoors year round, and of course, the Jumbotron! And I’ll miss Thailand, its beaches, natural beauty, its unique culture and warm, wonderful people.

What final thoughts or advice would you like to leave with the students of ISB as you depart?

Whatever it is you choose to do in life, give it your all. Attack every opportunity with no fear. Take chances and put yourself in a position to learn and grow through experience. Be grateful, appreciate all the incredible opportunities you have, be kind, and tell your parents you love them! Remember, everybody counts and everyone contributes. Always walk in and walk out like champions, knowing you did everything possible to prepare. Play with PASSION, represent yourself and ISB with PRIDE, and most importantly, practice with PURPOSE. Champions do extra. And remember,  it’s about the journey, not the end result. Success is forged through the process. Make friends, laugh, cry, struggle, succeed, and push yourself onward again. Lift each other up and remember that Panthers are always stronger together!

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