Long Talk: Mr. Marshall

May 18, 2020


What is your position at ISB and how many years have you been here?

Choir Teacher – this is the end of my 5th year


What is the next destination in your life?

We plan on spending the summer in isolation at Cannon beach OR. (Same beach as the opening scene of Goonies!) then I will be starting my job in Beautiful Blaine WA. right on the border of Canada is the tippy top western corner of the US. 


Why did you decide to go there?

I have been keeping my eye on this position for the last 10 years. It is a beautiful community to live in, Close to Vancouver BC and Seattle. Its 20 min north of where I taught before ISB So we have a lot of friends and family there. The Music Facility at the school I will be working at, is brand new and very good. The Administration and community seems very excited about having me and I look forward to making LOTS of great music there. It’s very exciting. 


Looking back on your time at ISB, what memories and feelings will you take away from here?

Oh My, So many. Hard to put this all into words. ISB has changed my life for the better on so many levels. Professionally I have grown through the incredible experiences getting to travel and work with teachers from all over the world. I know that I will be sharing stories for the rest of my life about the people, places, Music, and adventure that I have shared with the amazing people in this place.  


What final thoughts or advice would you like to leave with the students/ athletes of ISB as you depart? 

The study of music teaches so much more than things that can be learned from books, the internet or even the almighty youtube. Early in my studies I was taught to strive for perfection. In my time as a music professional I learned that audiences didn’t crave perfection, they craved connection. Doing your best and creating a good product is important, no doubt. However, the search for perfection most often is an obsession that can never be quenched. Especially when the fear of not being perfect keeps you from trying something new or even from doing your best. It can paralyze you into doing nothing at all.  This is a problem that I see all over the world not just here at ISB. The long term study of music teaches you how to deal with this fear of not

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