Panther Trails – Caspian Macky

April 28, 2020

Name: Caspian Macky

ISB class: 2018

What university or course are you in at the moment? and What career path are you pursuing?


Haverford College (Pennsylvania, USA), Math major


How would you describe the transition from ISB to your new university? How is the switch from an international school?


Uneventful. Nothing was particularly surprising or difficult to adjust to. I can’t objectively judge how much coming from an international school helped, but given that one-sixth of my classmates are international students it can’t have hurt.


Do you feel ISB prepared you well for your college experience?


Pretty well. The IB’s focus on writing and general rigor helped me adjust to college, but the advantage doesn’t last too long- by midway through my sophomore year, I wasn’t much better off than my peers from other schools.


How has the coronavirus situation changed your college experience?


I’m taking my classes online, mostly through Zoom. It’s harder to get work done, but my professors are understanding, and many have relaxed deadlines and other requirements to make things more manageable.


What advice would you give the Seniors graduating this year?


If you haven’t chosen a college yet, look at how they’re dealing with COVID-19: how are they treating their students and employees? If you have chosen, then first, good luck; and second- if you can- try to take a couple of classes outside your major. They’re more interesting than you’d think.

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