NRL Looks to move its competition to Moreton Island

April 23, 2020

How will this work

Amidst this COVID-19 outbreak, The National Rugby League (NRL) Australia is looking to move its 2020 season to Moreton Island where it can resume regularly scheduled games without fans. Moreton Island can accommodate prominently 1,500 people, Players from the 16 NRL teams would move to the island and be put under quarantine all together to ensure maximum safety. “It’s rugby league’s version of ‘Love Island’ by the sound of it,”  the NRL’s CEO Todd Greenberg joked.

9news Furious with the news

At first glance, this might seem like a great idea to get some footy back on tv’s and in-home, giving the Auzzie’s something to watch. “But this health crisis in our community has highlighted the mismanagement of the code over many years.” claimed channel 9news. Many people are calling Todd Greenberg out for mismanagement saying “we now find they have profoundly wasted those funds with very little to fall back on to support the clubs.” 9news is not happy with the way NRL Australia has been managing the footy over the last couple of year with new management and spending habits. The attack was focused on Greenberg.

 NRL’s Not Happy With Reporters

Todd Greenberg snapped back after finding out 9news posted an article saying he was mismanaging. “ Look, I just wanted to give the public and the NRL boys a chance to get back into the game and have some footy on tv.” The misconception that the government closed the NRL is wrong.  In fact, “The government did not shut down rugby league. The pandemic expert did” claimed former Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd.


Some people are all for the idea of sequestering players on the island… some are totally against it.  I believe as coronavirus gets worse a little bit of sport and action will bring Australia together as a nation to stay safe and stay inside. And watching footy is what it’s all about!

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